NASA reveals astonishing ‘hand’-shaped nebula and ghostly ‘face’ in deep space – FireWire

As usual, NASA continues to dazzle us with new and better images captured from its various missions in space.

This time is no exception as two films have captured the attention of netizens by presenting a clear resemblance to reality.

Surprising ‘hand’ 16,000 light-years away

Recently, the Chandra X-ray Lab NASA captured the spectacular hand-shaped nebula, the result of a star collapsing 1,500 years ago.

system, is better known PSR B1509-58, First photographed and located in 2001 About 16,000 light years from Earth.

This impressive creation shows resemblance to a human hand with five fingers, palm and wrist. Scientists, through space technology, have been able to map the nebula’s magnetic field, providing valuable information about its structure:

‘Face’ on Jupiter

On the other hand, NASA’s Juno probe, You are observing and analyzing Thursday And since 2016, its moons have captured a specific image of what appears to be a face in the atmosphere on Jupiter.

Thanks Junogame studyImages of swirling clouds and storms were obtained in the northern parts of the planet.

Photo taken Jupiter is 7,700 kilometers above the cloudUnder a certain amount of sunlight, the spirals intensify in darker tones, creating this striking image:

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