NASA Shows What the 2024 Solar Eclipse Saw From Space – Teach Me About Science

We have experienced one of the best shows the universe has to offer us, the 2024 solar eclipse. Many have seen it in person, others online, but what does it look like from space? NASA shows us.

The universe has incredible events in its vastness that we cannot miss and we are a part of some of them. This is an example of a recent solar eclipse.

This event is one of the most anticipated by astronomers and fans, because it is not every day that you get a chance to see a dance between the Sun, Earth and Moon, in which the latter reflects sunlight. A shadow on a part of the earth.

Also, this is how a solar eclipse occurs National GeographicBecause the Earth's rotation, the Moon's orbit, and the Sun's light are aligned in our view so that the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and the shadow created at certain moments, giving us a solar eclipse.

A wonderful and unique phenomenon, these astronomical events, solar eclipses, usually do not occur very often, and can pass for months, years, even centuries.

Now, this 2024 eclipse can be seen in various parts of the United States, including Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

However, in such a connected world, thanks to the Internet, there were many science and astronomy sites and pages that were able to broadcast the eclipse live to all their followers around the world.

And of course National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationAlso known as NASA, will not be left behind as this space agency announced the event and broadcast it for all astronomy enthusiasts.

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Image credit: International Space Station

The NASA exchange was accompanied by comments from experts from the same agency, who explained the science behind such a phenomenon.

But that's not all. NASA gave us one of the best views of the solar eclipse a few hours ago, but from a different perspective, sharing exclusive images of the eclipse through its social networks, but from space!

Thanks to the observation of the famous International Space Station, NASA was able to capture impressive images of the eclipse as seen from space towards Earth, a completely different scene.

To watch the video shared by NASA from the International Space Station, you need to click Here.

It is amazing to see how a gigantic shadow covers part of the Earth, a shadow created by our natural satellite that lies between the light of the Sun and our planet.

Likewise, let us remember that, step European Space AgencyThe International Space Station is an observatory specially designed to orbit the Earth 400 km above its surface, with astronauts inside.

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