'Munequita Milli's farewell and the legal battle between Julian Zucchi and Yida Eslava

Yiddá Eslava surprised his former partner Julian Zucchi by sending two notarized letters, asking him to refrain from mentioning himself under any circumstances. In addition, the former reality girl decided to change the locks of the production company they both share, where she appears as the general manager.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Farewell to 'Millie Doll'

In a moving interview, María Sucapuca, Muñequita Milli's mother, shared heartbreaking details about the days of pain her daughter endured before her death, revealing unpublished images of her moments of suffering. Maria narrated the suffering that Munikitha Milli went through after the liposuction which unfortunately led to her death. Family Dr. It has initiated civil and criminal proceedings against Fong and is crying out for justice at this difficult time.

(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)
(Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Millet promises that he will continue with Marcelo Dinelli

The model spears Argentine journalists and tells them: “Third parties are superfluous,” the model noted at the gym's entrance.

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Magali Medina criticizes Marcelo Dinelli for sharing memories of her ex

The Argentinian presenter had a moment of nostalgia and shared in his stories some cards in which he posed with his ex-partner, which Magali considers rude, because he has not yet confirmed his breakup with Millet.

Yann Ladorre reveals he spoke with Marcelo Dinelli. (Composite: Infobae)

Marcelo Dinelli is not ready to be with Milet Figueroa

Argentine journalists continue to comment on the alleged split between the Peruvian model and Dinelli. They label her a 'climber' and the driver doesn't want a relationship with her because he isn't ready.

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Farfan admits that they gave him shit

The journalist recognizes that Jefferson Farfan is now laughing at him and has no problem admitting that they too betrayed him. This happened when model Natalie Verdis asked him about his uncle's Guadalupe and the advice he would give him because they betrayed him, to which he replied: “What would I recommend if this happened to me too…” , he was quoted as saying.

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Magali Medina responds to Jair Mendoza for defending Yahaira Placencia

Journalist Jair called Mendoza a 'carrier': “Yahira is a frustrated singer who is only famous for being with Jefferson Farfan, and now we see it on TV. Now this guy is coming to match me, after 30 years of life, he is only known as Yahaira's ex,” the spokesperson said. said.

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Magali Medina He opens his show by talking about the success of the 'Grupo 5' concerts. The show host points out that he sometimes criticized Christian Yapen's attitude towards the audience, and that he would repeat his opinion if it happened again. However, in these three concerts he created a place to recognize the great work they have done, and it continues to give them something to talk about.

Magaly TV La Firme LIVE.

In your place, Magali Medina He also mentions Yahaira Placencia's time as a TV anchor for 'Al Sexto Diya'. The journalist said that the salsa singer did not play a good role, and the former member of 'Sun Tentacion' decided to respond to his style this weekend.

Yahaira Placencia responds to Magali Medina's joke: “Peru does not have a university to be a TV presenter”

The salsa singer said that many of the former members of 'Esto S Guevara' are currently standing out on the television set. In her defense, she highlighted her participation in 'Al Sexto Día', recalling being selected after a performance.

Yahaira Placencia responds to Magali Medina's reviews. | On the sixth day, Panamericana TV

Yahaira PlacenciaRecently hired as a Salsa singer and host of the show.on the sixth day' Panamericana TV's Magali Medina decided to address the criticism of her interval debut.Magali TV La Firm'. Jefferson Farfan's former partner supported his effort Driving TV and his musical career in the face of Medina's accusations that questioned his talent and professional success.

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What happened in the last edition of Magaly TV La Firme?

Magali Medina He started his project of showing awareness 'Millie doll'. Her family, friends and followers came to bid farewell to Juliaca, whose successful career ended at the hands of abusers. The singer's husband again asked for justice and promised to work hard to ensure the case goes unpunished.

At another point in the program, some of his statements came out Samahara Lopatone During his participation in La Casa de Magali. young daughter Melissa Gluck He reported that the doctor intervened in Fong's hands, which made him ill, but he could not sue for the financial agreement he had signed. “Yes I requested it. (…) But there is a contract I signed with him. He gave me USD30,000. “I've been dead for a year,” he said.

Reported by a user Shirley Arica His vehicle crashed in San Ysidro. According to the victim, the famous 'reality girl' would have wanted to move in the back seat and mislead him to be driving, but he had already been photographed.

“We were stopped at a traffic light and it came back and hit us. The driver was a journalist named Miss Shirley Arika. “I tried to say she was not driving, she went to the next seat, but here we have photos of her driving,” said the victim.

Magali Medina criticized Brunella Horna Excuse yourself from doing certain activities in your plan citing your pregnancy. The driver assured that undergoing a caesarean section is not a limitation, especially if a few months have already passed.

John Kelvin He was caught drunk in San Martin de Porres, corrupt with his partner Glenda Rodríguez who was confused and paid. Since his release from prison, he has appeared in more than one such scandal.

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Samhara Lopatan said that after being treated by Dr. Fong, she suffered from septicemia. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

How to watch “Magaly TV La Firme” online?

There are various ways for the public to enjoy the complete program through the Internet.

First is to download ATV Play app on your mobile phone through Play Store for Android or App Store for Apple. It is Av. Arequipa is the exclusive signal of the channel. The channel's website allows you to watch every TV show online.

Another option that you should follow minute by minute is the official page of “Magaly TV La Firme” on YouTube, which broadcasts the program live every night, with some restrictions on audio and video due to the platform, but for free. General public. It should be noted that you can also do this with your official Facebook account.

The third way is to have a 'Movistar Play' account which will allow you to watch national and international channels live.

Magaly TV La Firme on YouTube.

Where to watch “Magali TV Law Firm” live?

All “Magali TV Law Firm” programs hosted by Magali Madina are telecast live and live on ATV signal. Through different cable operators and on open signal. Here is a list of where you can find it.

  • Open signal/channel 9
  • DirecTV / Channel 199 (SD/HD)
  • Movistar TV / Canal 9 (SD) Canal 709 (HD)
  • Claro TV / Channel 9 (SD)
  • Best Cable / Channel 9
Magaly TV La Firme is live minute by minute, today's show is Monday, April 1

What time can you watch “Magali TV Law Firm” live?

The programs are aired from Monday to Friday between 9:45 PM and 11:00 PM. However, there are dates where Magali Madina will not be telecast due to other events such as the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

Christian Dominguez deletes all his photos with Pamela Franco from social networks. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

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