New $60 bonus for MPPE workers: Find out how to collect the grant via Patria | Venezuela

In an address to members of the People's Power Ministry of Education, Nicolás Maduro's government announced a war bonus for March 2024.

Learn how and when to collect war bonuses for IVSS pensioners in Venezuela. | I release

Economic war bond is one of the most important support of the country as it provides more substantial sums and covers different sectors of the society. For this reason, below we will provide more information about this cash grant, which will reach $60 for tuition.

What is the new $60 Patria bonus?

It suffers due to inflation Venezuela, the government has earmarked a package of grants to financially support people hit hard by this crisis; This time it was the turn of the Ministry of People's Power for Education (MPPE) workers. If you're in this group, here's how to collect it Home system.

As reported by the channel 'Social Security Bonds for People', The Nicolás Maduro regime will deposit the March economic war bonus starting Friday, March 15, 2024. The subsidy is 2,170 bolivars or 60 dollars, according to the exchange rate it established Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

War bonus for MPPE workers already active?

The rule of Nicolás Maduro It announced the implementation of this new fee, which can be collected by teaching, administrative and staff employees of the Ministry of People's Power for Education (MPPE). They only need to be registered with the Patria system so that they can avail this benefit.

Know everything about this fee. Photo: X

How to collect war bonus for MPPE workers for March 2024?

In order to collect Economic War Bonus March 2024, then you have to do the following procedure. Users are advised to update their information Native organization.

  • Log in to your Patria organization personal account.
  • Go to 'Wallet' and go to 'Withdrawal'.
  • Choose the wallet of origin, amount and destination of funds.
  • Click 'Continue' and 'Accept'.
  • Finally, you will know if the surgery was performed correctly.
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