Edwin Oviedo: Prosecutor's office seeks 35 years in prison against his client, not 52, says his lawyer

Attorney Cesar Nagasaki, Legal protection Former president of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) Edwin OviedoIn conversation with RPPPointed out that the prosecutor's office is demanding 35 years imprisonment Against his sponsor, and 52 no contact yesterday Friday.

“There is an error in the information of the prosecutor's office, because in Peru the sentences are added, but the maximum sentence that the prosecutor's office can request is only up to 35 years, and this was requested in the investigation. That we have started. 35 years, not 52“, under control.

According to a tweet from the public ministry published yesterday, the prosecutor's office sought a conviction against Painting or pictograph in order to exist is said to be an intermediary for the crime of culpable homicide to the detriment of Helmets by Manuel Rimerach Y Percy Farrow Witte, Two union members from Duman Agricultural Export Company were murdered in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

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“We have reduced the cause of murders”

Regarding the prosecutor's request, Nagasaki said he was satisfied with the request as it would have been filed in the La Libertad court to begin an oral hearing.

“(I receive it) with great satisfaction, because we first fought for many years to guarantee an impartial trial, which is why Lambeck had to go to the Supreme Court (…) to withdraw the case from the court. And go to the Court of Liberty, “Because serious irregularities were established in the actions of former prosecutor Carrasco, especially in the management of competent collaborators,” he pointed out.

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“Now that we have finally started the investigation, we believe we can prove The Absolute Innocence of Edwin Oviedo” he insisted.

Likewise, the attorney pointed out that Duman could “minimize” the workers' alleged intent to commit the crime, and that there was “no crime” without intent.

“Edwin Oviedo used the judicial administration set up to pay off the debt, and it has been proven that a fraud in the management of legal entities was the motive for the murders. Improper actions took place,” he explained.

“Innocence has already been proven in the fraudulent activity in the management of legal entities and the case has been archived. This means we have narrowed down the motive for the murders. And there is no crime if there is no intention” he added.

Regarding the allegation that the head of the criminal organization was his patron “Wizards of the Mist” Nagasaki pointed out that Oviedo “does not have any corporate relationship with that agro-industrial corporation.”

“Administrative Judiciary appointed administrators as judge, in a civil proceeding, Transports Carranza had a debt several years ago, which was bought by Edwin Oviedo. He never had a corporate business relationship with Duman. He “was a debtor, he went to a judge, he appointed judicial administration, And it was, quarterly, controlled by the judge, who judged that all its proceedings were proper. So, Ovieo's debt can be paid off,” he explained.

“He was a debtor, he had no stake in Duman. Duman was managed by a judicial administration, (he) had no involvement in Duman,” he pointed out.

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