New Lapad? The Finnish-born striker was called up to the Peruvian national team

The player was born in Finland, but he could defend the Peruvian team shirt because of his ancestry. Will he become the new Gianluca Labadula?

Meet the Finnish-born striker who was drafted into the microcycle of the Peruvian team. | Photo: EFE / Libero Mix

Millions of fans are getting excited for Peru’s upcoming friendlies against Korea and Japan. However, this is not the only innovation in ‘Baikalar’, as the U-15 has been making waves of late.

In fact, recently the page ‘Peruvians in the world’ revealed that a young striker of Finnish origin was brought in for a microcycle in this category. Through this, they will get an opportunity to showcase their talents through the colors ‘Blanqueroja’.

The striker, Alberto Velasquez, will play in a friendly against Uruguay in June. The striker is known for his pace and was invited to train with Red Bull Salzburg.

Alberto Velasquez is 14 years old and born in Helsinki, Finland.

It is important to take into account that the Peruvian team did not confirm the invitees for the microcycle or the fights against the ‘Charras’. For now, it remains to be seen if Velázquez can make it into the starting lineup.

Juan Reynoso talked about bringing in players of Peruvian descent

Technical director Juan Reynoso confirmed in a recent interview with RPP that he prefers players who play abroad because of the intensity of the training sessions. In addition, he promised to look for more players of Peruvian descent.

“There are some situations that you will find at that time, we are talking about Peruvians who have an assimilative origin. Not suddenly at the invitation, but sparring or as guests. God willing we will have the opportunity and above all their groups can be with us, because not being invited is always a risk,” he pointed out.

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