How tech funds are taking over the rally in the sector with Ratings FundsPeople 2023

Profit margins range between 2.16% and 18.44% in Euros among the top earners so far in 2023. A reflection of diversity in strategies despite sharing a category.

At last Fund Manager Survey BofA’s relative to May, A Decline in confidence among surveyed managersIn 2023 at least, and, as a result, experts are already predicting the end of rate hikes in the US. Implications for portfolios? A Long term exposureIn one Assets that are highly sensitive to fixed income or interest rates of the equity universe. And, of course, among these, Technology is at the top of the list.

so, Investors have turned their portfolios towards technology, the euro zone and stocks in general, the following diagram shows. At the opposite end, they moved away from commodities, utilities, emerging markets and the US. The most popular position: Long in big tech companies and short in banks.

One of the most profitable sectors in three years

However, it can never be emphasized enough Technology is a very broad concept and there are 1001 ways to focus investment in it. The technology sector’s big-name companies dominate value portfolios. A glaring example: Apple. The world’s biggest tech company is value guru Warren Buffett’s biggest single bet. A collection of technology stock funds Rating FundsPeople 2023 Explains in Spain Width of the theme. Thematic funds of artificial intelligence, robotics, mobility or big data are mixed with the most classic and diversified strategies investing in the sector.

For this reason, the year in which the sector recovers part of the drawdown that began in early 2022 (Nasdaq rises 17.05% against the euro till the end of April), a collection of these funds Rating FundsPeople 2023 have shown Such contrasting results. In 2023 the range will be between 2.16% and 18.44% in Euro. At 12 months the whole picture is red, but if you stretch the time frame, the fuller picture becomes visible. And that’s it Technology is one of the best-paying sectors for investors, with annualized returns ranging from 6.98% to 18.64% over three years.

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VR Financial Technology Sector with FundsPeople Rating 2023 (Ordered by YTD Performance in Euro)

below Manager Rent. YTD Washing 1 year Rent. 3 years Rent. 5 years
Rural Technical Variable Income FI Spanish Cooperative Bank 18,44 -4,31 6,01 9,23
Bluebox Global Technology Fund Bluebox AM 15,59 3,27 18,48 18,02
Ibercaja Technical FI Ibercaja AM 15,32 -3,33 7,92 6,9
BBVA Stock Market Technology & Telecom FI BBVA AM 14,84 -1.64 12,52 14,75
Janus Henderson Horizon Global Technology Leaders Fund Janus Henderson 14,43 -6,94 9,49 12,52
Sabadell Economia Digital FI Sabadell A.M 14,32 -5,71 7,25 -N/A
JPMorgan Funds – US Technology Fund JP Morgan AM 13,84 -14,09 8,17 14,91
Polar Capital Global Technology Fund Pole capital 13,17 -9,28 4,81 12,02
Fidelity Funds – Global Technology Fund Fidelity International 12,54 0,1 17,89 19,85
Picket-Digital Pictet AM 12,01 -10,75 0,07 3,99
Franklin Technology Fund Franklin Templeton 11,89 -10,85 7,83 13,68
Picdet-Robotics Pictet AM 11,81 -5,64 12,01 13,67
BlackRock Global Funds – Global technology fund Black rock 11,48 -15,4 6,98 13,69
Natixis International Funds (LUX) I – Thematics AI and Robotics Fund Natixis A.M 11,3 0,73 15,29 -N/A
Mediolanum Challenges Technology Equity Evolution Mediumship 11,18 -12,4 6,33 10,11
BNP Paribas Funds Disruptive Technology BNP Paribas AM 10,67 -1,8 13,1 16
AXA Global Funds – Robotech my land 9,62 -4,97 9,51 10,29
Threadneedle (lux) – universal technology Columbia thread needle 7,35 -8,85 17,52 17,44
Edmund D. Rothschild Finance – Big Data Edmund de Rothschild 7,13 -0.21 18,64 12,59
Alliance Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance Global Investors 6,86 -21,67 8,11 11,98
Neuberger Berman is the Next Generation Mobility Fund Neuberger Berman 5,5 -3,58 15,02 -N/A
BlackRock Global Funds – The future of transportation finance Black rock 4,8 -2,09 22,08 -N/A
BlackRock Global Funds – The Next Generation Technology Fund Black rock 2,16 -25,73 3,62 -N/A
Source: FundsPeople and Morningstar, data as of end of April 2023. The deemed class is selected using criteria aligned with the experience of institutional investors, free of currency hedges and favoring classes at low cost.

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