New Patria January 2024 Bonus $40: Beneficiaries and How to Collect Grants in Venezuela Today | Economic War Bonus | Security bonds

This cash grant is targeted at active employees of the public administration. We tell you the easy way to get money.

Learn more details about the new payment of the January national bonus in Venezuela.

led government Nicolás Maduro It has announced that it will issue financial deposits related to the month of January 2024. In this instance, a Additional financial aid of $40. However, who are the beneficiaries of this bonus remains in question. In this Líbero article, we will provide detailed information about the grant we are referring to.

What new bonuses are coming to Patria?

A section of the population receives money Economic War Bond It corresponds to the month January. It is important to highlight that this fee will be paid exclusively Active Public Sector Servants. If you are part of the group of beneficiaries, you will receive a notification on your cell phone registered with Patria in the next few hours.

Economic War Bonus will be paid from January 12, 2024. | Photo: X

When will Jan 2024 war bonus be paid?

Currently, the government of Nicolás Maduro has only confirmed the payment of war bonuses to active employees of the public sector. He said he paid Started on January 12. Below is the payment schedule for the next days.

  • War Bonus for Civil Servants: On January 12th.
  • War bonus for retirees: January 15.
  • War Bonus for IVSS Pensioners: It will probably start on January 21.

How much is War Bonus for Civil Servants?

New Amount of Economic War Bonus 1,440.00 bolivars; Which is equivalent to 40 dollarsAccording to the Central Bank of Venezuela, the financial institution responsible for valuing the value of the US currency in bolivars.

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2024 war bonus increased?

Beneficiaries of Economic War Bonus for Active Public Sector They were promoted in January 2024As 1,440.00 bolivars were deposited, in December 2023, the amount was 1,420 Bs.

How to get January 2024 War Bonus?

In order to be a beneficiary of an economic grant, it is important to be properly registered with the Patria system, which is why we recommend following the following steps:

  • Log in to the Patria system
  • Click on 'Wallet' and 'Refund'
  • Choose the wallet of origin, amount and destination of funds
  • Click 'Continue' and 'Accept'
  • Finally, the computer will show you that the operation was successful, and that's it.

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