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January 16, 2024 11:27 am m.

DavindaFrom last November 16, new revenue is being announced Super appThis, in addition to allowing Withdrawals, consignments and payments with QR code at various businesses across the countryIt will also have new functions.

These will allow you to carry out more convenient operations When paying for trips, buy pet insuranceAmong others, Davivienda without a physical point of travel.

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According to the bank, “From November 16, customers will be informed about this new change through all Davywinda channels and familiarize themselves with the new Super App, which will bring better user experience, security and performance based on advanced technologies. Advanced banking sector“.

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Thus, in the next few days, gradually, The old Davivienda Móvil App is no longer available to customers who have already downloaded and used the new Super App..

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After nine years, we have brought our current application here with many successes, we believe that it is time for all Colombians to take a step (…) If you are a customer of this new bank you can enter the public area before SuperApp registers with your data, and you can search for housing, Public services can be paid through PSE.” he explained Javier Suarez Esparagoza, President of DavivendaIn reports for 'Karakol Radio' station, on notification day.

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