Not sure what to wear with your partner? Learn about the best options for this Halloween

Not sure what to wear with your partner?  Learn about the best options for this Halloween

Many people have decided to celebrate Halloween Tonight, Tuesday, October 31. However, some couples have yet to be found The perfect outfitSo, Excitosa shows you Different options You should be The spirit of your party.

What should I wear today?

On social networks and web pages, we see thousands of options on what to wear. Halloween night. Many of them require a lot of preparation time and some eVery expensiveEven more so, when it’s the same day as the event.

So, in this note we bring you some options so that you and your loved ones can recreate. It is noteworthy that they basic clothes, So the investment is not overrated.

The story of these cartoons takes place in prehistoric times, in a time where Characters are presented to the audience What life would have been like for humans in the Stone Age, but for some Modern features.

For this alternative, ‘The Flintstones’, you can use a large orange cloth and make a cut like a t-shirt on top of the dress with scissors and thread. Below you can make triangular cuts.

Following this, with another piece of the same material, only black, you have to do many triangles, Attach them to the dress and finally add a tie.

Many fans have dreamed of becoming ‘Wilma’ and ‘Shaggy’, The two most characteristic characters of this animated series, which is about a group of friends who face supernatural beings. People in disguise Scares people.

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To categorize ‘Wilma’, you need the following items of clothing: A turtleneck shirt Long orange shirtsYou can get a red pleated skirt, orange knee high socks, red shoes and a wig for accessories. Short hair With a chestnut colored cap.

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To be ‘Sheldon’ you need a long sleeve shirt Dark blue colorAnother red but with a lightning bolt logo in the middle, khaki pants and brown dress shoes.

This humorous TV series A A young man of Asian descent The protagonist is deeply in love with ‘Karu’, a ninja who tries to escape the kisses and hugs he always wants to give.

You don’t need many things for this outfit, we can say it’s a simple one. to ‘Puka’ Black pants and red shirt are required. What sets it apart is the hairstyle, too Two bows were tied on the head A red ribbon is enough.

Whereas, for ‘Karu’ he can get well with a black polo shirt and add a Red heart made of cardboard. Also, complement it with a pair of pants and shoes in the same color. This character has red gloves that you can get.

This way, you now have 3 different options to refer to yourself couple In this Halloween 2023.


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