On to the finals and the World Cup! Panteritas defeated Ecuador and will play the definition of South American U17 – FeVA

In a great game in Lima, Argentina defeated Ecuador 3-0 with scores of 25-17, 25-22 and 25-10 to claim their third win at the South American U17. The win also secured their place in the 2024 World Cup final against Brazil this Sunday at 10pm.

In the first set, Argentina took an 8-5 lead, but Ecuador found a good passage to tie the set at 10-10. Later, Los Banderitas rallied on serve and against to take a 19-15 lead before winning the 25-17 decision between Gugno and Martinez.

The second set had a very different development. Ecuador was more consistent and dominated this set with scores of 6-2 and 14-9. However, Los Banderitas held on 14-16 to tie it at 17. Running back and attacking again, Argentina won the episode 25-22.

The start of the third set was all about Argentina, playing well on serve and staying steady to escape 8-2. The Panteritas continued to dominate the game, they did not forgive the very imprecise Ecuador, in this way, they reached the definition of 20-7. An ace from Martinez made it 25-10 and Argentina sealed the celebration.

ArgentinaWilliner (3), Kizur (9), Matic (4), Torriciani (4), Martinez (24), Fortes (19). Libero: Jump. Entered: Gugno (2), Oldani (-), Blacksmith (1).

Photo: @percydavidcalderongaray

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