On what day is Lima's anniversary celebrated and what should be done to commemorate it? | Answers

The capital of Peru will be celebrated in 2024 when it commemorates 489 years of the foundation of the so-called “City of Kings”. As happens every year, the Metropolitan Municipality Lima (MML) programs should celebrate all kinds of events Birthday and decorate a festival aimed at highlighting the characteristics of the city founded by Francisco Pizarro. Find out on which date it is celebrated, when and what traditional activities are carried out for the anniversary.

When is Lima's anniversary and how will it be celebrated in 2024?

Almost 500 years ago, Lima Became the “City of Kings” and the new capital of Peru, it is now home to nearly 10 million people in a growing metropolis. the foundation Activities carried out by MML.

The commune headed by Rafael López Aliaga plans to hold their commemoration from January 1, 2023. 489 birthday Through programming of free events in person and virtually during the anniversary week from 01/15 to 01/21.

As every year, the MML, with the support of the Cultural Administration, celebrates the founding of Lima on that day. 18 of the month January It happened in 1535 when Francisco Pizarro established it on the banks of the Rimac River and 15 kilometers from the magnificent port of Salaco.

This 2024, citizens will be able to enjoy the same list of cultural, artistic and gastronomic activities held at the beginning of last year, while outdoors, the Plaza de Armas will be decorated again to host a traditional concert and then a serenade.

Programming of activities for the 489th anniversary of Lima in 2024

Saturday 13 January

  • A play by Syrie Tupac
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The path from La Muralla Park to the Plaza Rosa Merino of the Municipal Theater

Start Time 2 PM / End Time 5 PM

Wednesday, January 17

  • Serenade with guest artists

15 meter stage / giant circular screen in the pool / surrounding facades illuminated with art projects

Participating singers: Los Mirlos, Maira Guzman, Los Gibus, Amanda Bortales, Mauricio Mesonez, Son Dentasian, Bartola, Davis Orozco

Fireworks at midnight

End of the Party with Eva Aylon

Thursday 18 January

  • Flag Raising / Presenting Peruvian Paso Horses

Saturday 20 Y Sunday, January 21

The Great Parade of Lima

It should be noted that you are interested in learning more about Lima Huacas, for example, the founding of Lima, visiting exhibits, exploring the Metropolitan and Historical Library, participating in educational workshops, and other cultural activities. Shared by MML 489 to freely participate in capital years.

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