Millay doubles down on the position of an open economy and criticizes socialism

Argentina's President Javier Mili emphasized in his speech on Wednesday Davos World Economic ForumCapitalism is the enabler Sustainable developmentToday he criticizes socialism for impoverishing people.

“Thanks to free enterprise capitalism The world is better off“, said from a libertarian standpoint, who noted that “Socialism is a poor phenomenon (…) The West is at risk” because “government is financed by coercion” and “is not the solution.”

“The problem is basically that liberal economists aren't supposed to be They understand what the market is all aboutIf you understand, you will quickly see that it is impossible to be there Something like a market failure”, he emphasized.

Miley became president of the South American country on December 10 Commitment to dollarization of its economyAbolish the central bank (BCRA), clean up the fiscal deficit, attack rampant inflation and Reduce growing poverty.

“Free enterprise capitalism is the only tool we have To end hunger and povertysaid the President.

Travel to European territory is indicated President's first foreign trip Since he took office after a quick rise as a newcomer to politics, he has become popular Tough economist on TV.

Ahead of his speech at the forum, he met British Foreign SecretaryDavid Cameron and will hold a meeting later With Kristalina Georgieva, President of the International Monetary Fund.

In turn, his minister Foreign Affairs, Diana MondinoHe will also meet the foreign ministers of the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Lithuania, as well as Switzerland's secretary of economic affairs, according to his agenda.

The Argentine government said in a statement Meeting with Cameron “excellent”” and discussed trade relations, the United Kingdom's support for Argentina before the IMF and In the disputed Malvinas Islands.

“We have set the Malvinas as an item on the agenda with the Ministry of External Affairs Early solutions to the problemAccording to the official statement, Miley said about the archipelago.

Argentina and Great Britain have a foreign policy conflict A long tour of the Falkland IslandsControlled by the British, they fought a brief war over it in 1982.

The southern nation has long sought to revive negotiations Regarding the sovereignty of the Malvinass, but Britain said it was not on the table when the island's residents They wanted to be English.

Meanwhile, the meeting with the IMF a An agreement was reached last week With agency technical staff, about a recent review of the nation's troubled $44 billion loan program, $4.7 billion was unlocked after the previous government.or achieve various economic objectives Finance related.

En route to Switzerland on a commercial flight, Miley –A self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalist”– said he attended the forum “to plant the idea of ​​freedom in a forum polluted by the 2030 socialist agenda”.

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