Orlando City’s goalkeeping coach has revealed that Pedro Gallis has solved the team’s biggest weakness to challenge for MLS.

Cesar Pena, assistant to coach Oscar Pareja, praised the Peruvian goalkeeper and told how he was included in the ‘Leon’ squad. (Video: Area Sports Network)

This is a secret that no one knows Pedro Gallese He is one of the best Peruvian players to play abroad. And day by day he is becoming one of the idols City of OrlandoWho is fighting for his first title Major League Soccer, by saving the cat over and over again. Also, with the national team it has been one of the highest points at the start of the 2026 qualifiers. ‘The Lions’, Caesar penHe praised the goalkeeper for solving the biggest flaw that the team needed to improve in terms of quality.

I think this has been an Achilles heel for Orlando City in the last four seasons without a goalkeeper in Pedro’s hierarchy. His arrival gave the position the strength it needed to achieve great things. Game after game, he’s proven he’s the best goalkeeper in MLS,” were his first words in an interview Area Sports Network.

Along the same lines, he also assured that facing 2020 coach Oscar Pareja, the U.S. team thought they needed a top-quality goalkeeper to compete at the top level. “We didn’t make a mistake in selecting him and bringing him to downtown Orlando. This is one of the basic pieces requested by Professor Oscar. When he arrived at the club, the first thing he said to me was ‘Cesar, we need a top quality goalkeeper, let’s choose correctly.’ Luckily we did it well,” he said.

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Obviously, Pedro Gallese With other goalkeepers from the Venezuelan squad replacing the retired Brian Rowe, the Peruvian was the priority, but he was not the only replacement. “There were about 14 goalkeepers on this list, including two Venezuelan players: Wuilker Faríñez, who now plays in France, and ‘Rafa’ Romo, who played for DC United last year. In my opinion, Pedro always comes first, that’s why he’s here”, he commented.

Pedro Gallese has emerged as the undisputed figure of the city of Orlando since 2020. -Credit: USA TODAY Sports

And that’s it Pedro Gallese arrived City of Orlando In 2020, Alianza Lima after returning to Ligue 1 to defend the shirt. He quickly earned a spot in the starting eleven for coach Oscar Pareja, leading the team to fight for a top seven spot in the Eastern Conference. Even though he was always close to winning the major tournament in America, the goalkeeper played well with several saves.

That composure allowed him to stand under three sticks ‘Octopus’ Become a true leader, and be responsible for ensuring that the team ‘blue’ He managed to become the champion of the US Open Cup in 2022. precisely, Caesar pen He pointed out that the goalkeeper, who trained at the Universidad San Martín, does nothing wrong and that some of them do not even benefit.

“The goalkeeper is the most prone to mistakes. Since I was in Orlando City, in my technical reviews, Pedro never buried a game for us or said we lost a game because he wasn’t good. It’s rare in any league because even the best goalkeepers make mistakes. “But what we lost was very difficult because of the impact of Petro,” he said.

The national goalkeeper made several saves to save the ‘Lions’. (Video: Peruvian production)

In mid-2022, the Florida team was added Wilder Cartagena, another Peruvian team, found it more difficult to adapt to collective dynamics. However, this year he was able to fit in with his teammates and establish himself among the first basemen. ‘Garda’ He was one of the team that won the only title in its history.

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The truth is that two football players maintain City of Orlando Second in its conference with 60 points, six behind leader Cincinnati and within the knockout stage to define the 2023 MLS champion. This season of the North American Championship, Pedro Gallese He has played in 30 games, making 79 saves and giving up 33 goals. His contract runs until the end of 2024, with an option to extend it to 2025, but his good performances could see him switch teams.

Pedro Kallis prevented Lionel Messi from scoring with a brilliant save in Inter Miami vs Orlando City. (Apple TV)

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