Oscar Arriola on the participation of troops in the alleged kidnapping of Surguillo: “It was not a police intervention”

General PNP Oscar Arriola DelgadoChairman National Criminal Investigation AgencyHe told reporters that if it is confirmed police officer Those involved in criminal activity “shall be apprehended and placed under judicial authority.”

Director of National Crime Investigation Department General B.N.B Oscar Arriola DelgadoHe noted For a kidnapping and robbery case last Thursday in Surquillo District and that it was denounced by the citizen Giancarlo Anthony Ramirez Machado.

A senior police officer said the incident was “definitely not police intervention” as there was “no statement from any official department” explaining what happened.

To this, he added, “The display of clothes National Police” It has not been determined that those caught on video surveillance cameras during the kidnapping are members of their company.

“Let’s remember that in Trujillo The businessman was abducted by men in police uniforms. “When they were caught, it was confirmed that they were not police officers,” he told reporters in a statement.

He, however, assured that if police members were found to be involved in criminal activities, they would be “caught and brought under judicial authority”.

“We have been cleaning up our ranks and every time a police officer commits a crime we ourselves arrest them. Public MinistryThe law dictates,” he concluded.

Abduction complaint

Giancarlo Anthony Ramirez Machado 42-years-old, was registered in that jurisdiction at Redacto Park no. He was with a group of friends at 5, when he was waiting for others who were going to buy and sell vehicles when the abduction allegedly took place.

At that time, five men appeared with guns and clothes Peruvian National Police (PNP) After forcing him into a car and driving him in an uncertain direction, they demanded the $40,000 he carried in a bag, in addition to two thousand soles.

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Finally, after being robbed of his money, he was abandoned on an unknown street around 9:00 p.m.

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