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Chronicle: University student and weight of shirt: 1-0 win with Ten Lions as he prepares for classic against Alianza Lima

DD could tell that the severity of the injury was not 100 percent known at the moment. Yesterday, appropriate tests were carried out at the club's facilities to begin treatment, be it surgery or treatment. Of course, the concern increases because the injury is a left ankle, the same one he suffered last year and kept him out for three months.

The blow would have come in the Asia Cup Round of 16 clash between Syria and Iran. In the 60th minute of the game, with the score 1-0 to the Iranians, Pablo was heavily fouled in the area: the goalkeeper came out to intercept a pass forward, but he arrived too late and practically washed his left ankle. Syria equalized shortly after (they would later be kicked out on penalties), but Sabah ended up in agony.

Apart from the fact that Alianza will seek compensation from FIFA, the sports sector cannot hide its dismay at the misfortune that surrounded the 'Sheikh' during his stay in a close shop. He was selected as the '9' starter, but it is now unknown how long he will be out. Of course, he will not play this Saturday's classic against the U's at the National.

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Pablo Sabac's moment of injury.

/ Quilca Leon Marco Antonio

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How will Alianza Lima fare against Universitario?

The absence of Pablo Sabac hurts, but that doesn't complicate matters. Although he was considered the starter this season, coach Alejandro Restrepo did not work with him much. 'Sheikh' joined the close pre-season on 12 December and left for Syria on 1 January. He did not play any friendlies under the coach.

As such, it is almost certain that Alianza Lima will face the Classic almost unchanged unless the coach makes a last-minute change. But otherwise, the blue and white will start with the familiar 3-5-2 with Cecilio Waterman and Hernán Barcos.

The only change that occurs is the return Adrian Arregui. Argentina missed the match at Sullana due to expulsion but will return to own the midfield. He will be before him Gabriel Cabellos and Sebastian Rodriguez from Uruguay. Of course, the '10' is expected to play a little more forward, closer to the attackers, in an area where his best version can be seen.

Sebastian Rodriguez.  (Photo: Alianza Lima)

Sebastian Rodriguez. (Photo: Alianza Lima)

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on the sides, Jameer D'Arrigo Ricardo seems to have won over Lagos. Stepped in against the left-wing Sullana and provided an assist. On the other hand, Kevin Cerna He is much needed though based on his showing in last year's ADT and this season's friendlies.

The line of three remains the same: Ramos, Fuentes and Frieds. The three Alianza towers have shown great confidence in defense (the Indians have had two shots on goal in 180 minutes, a remarkable statistic). And Franco Saravia will continue in goal, while Angelo Campos continues to serve his four-game ban (he has two remaining).

Possible alignment of the Alianza Lima as a classic.

Possible alignment of the Alianza Lima as a classic.

/ Quilca Leon Marco Antonio

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