Pamela Franco drunkenly insults Christian Dominguez for Karla Tarazona: “Let him go…”

Pamela Franco is controversial after drunkenly assaulting Christian Dominguez. | Vilax

Pamela Franco has once again monopolized the media attention with a controversy. ‘Amor y Fuego’ cameras captured her relaxing night out with a friend over the weekend. The singer seemed happy and carefree, however, when she was there, the tension started A reporter approached from the show.

In the pictures released by the well-known showbiz space, the salsa artist can be seen inside a vehicle. under the influence of alcohol. When asked by the journalist about his former partner Cristian Dominguez, Cumbiambera did not hesitate to attack everything.

“Let him go…”, he shouted without hesitation, immediately creating looks from those present and waves of reactions on social networks.

Pamela Franco sends a strong message to Christian Dominguez without drinking. | Composition/Infobae

At another point in the video, Franco She was recording herself walking with difficulty, assisted by someone else. Despite his apparent status, the Peruvian artist was not silent when asked about the “soap opera” in which he recently starred. Carla Tarazona and the father of her daughter.

With visible irritation and without any filter, Pamela replied: “I don’t care. I live in my house, he lives… I don’t know where”, making it clear that he is not interested in what is happening in the life of his ex-partner and ‘Préndete’ presenter.

The translator’s statements have created a great deal of controversy in the Peruvian entertainment world. This is not the first time that the relationship between these public figures has become the focus of media attention, as the comings and goings, as well as conflicts and recriminations, have continued in recent months.

Pamela Franco is controversial after drunkenly assaulting Christian Dominguez. | Vilax

The recent flirtations between Christian Dominguez and Carla Tarazona have intensified since the cumbia singer started working on ‘Brendate’.

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This prompted a public response from Pamela Franco, who made it clear that she had no intention of reconciling with her ex-partner after the singer’s infidelity was discovered in early 2024.

The mother of the last daughter of the leader of the Great International Orchestra told ‘America Spectaculos’ that she is caring. Good relations with him only for the sake of his daughter. “You know, from which moment, emotionally, there’s nothing to see,” he says, referring to the artist’s compromising images.

Pamela Franco and Christian Dominguez reached an agreement at the Conciliation Center. (Photo: IG capture)

Despite the growing interest in the professional relationship between Domínguez and Karla Tarazona, Franco refrained from giving comments on the matter, but made it clear that he does not care at all if they decide to reconcile.

“What would I think? I focus on my life and it has nothing to do with giving opinions about others. I’m sure the people involved and I are already big people, so I imagine they’ve thought it through a lot when making a decision. If they love each other and are happy, that’s great. I’m over there. “I don’t have to bless anyone.

In an additional statement, Pamela denied the claims Magali Medina In his plan, it was mentioned that he was financially dependent Christian Dominguez.

Since their split, Franco insists that he has supported her. “From the day we broke up, I started anew. “What’s mine is mine, and his is his,” he said.

Pamela Franco denies Christian Dominguez sleeping over at her house.

In order to defend the views of the famous ‘Urraca’, Domínguez declared that he only issued the invoices on behalf of Pamela Franco as she had the necessary billing capacity for ‘Todo se filtra’.

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He also said that he had nothing to do with the management of the program or the income from his former partner’s band’s performances.

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