What should Nayeb Bookel do to improve El Salvador’s economy?

El Salvador once again began a new era under President Nayeb Bukele. The president began a second term with almost absolute power and no opposition, but faced the challenge of maintaining the country’s security and achieving the economic prosperity he had promised.

In his speech, he accurately stated that Salvadorans would protect their heritage “like a lion” for the new generation.

Bukele, 42, received the presidential title from the president of parliament, Ernesto Castro.In front of international dignitaries at the National Palace in the historic center of San Salvador.

talk about Economic Challenges for Bagel in El SalvadorMisael Rivas, a criminal lawyer and criminologist, joined NTN2’s La Tarde, who gave some key points that the government could initiate to improve the sector.

We should start by revising the minimum wage, giving it a substantial increase, and preventing companies from passing these increases on to consumers.Well, this has happened in other governments and it brings a big problem, by raising the base basket, everything becomes expensive and the increase is no longer effective,” he pointed out.

It should encourage national and international investment because many of the investors give a bad image to the country and the government.” continued the guest.

As a prosperous nation we must create an opportunity to become first class. Buchel has a historic opportunity to make a point with the Salvadoran economy,” Rivas concluded.

Bukhel is starting another five-year term after crushing the opposition in February elections with 85% of the vote.

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