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Everything about Paulo still stands.

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He mentions what was later known in Lima, Trujillo and Rio. Paulo Guerrero continues training in Brazil. He still doesn't know when he will be able to come to Peru to play for César Vallejo University, but he hasn't stopped working hard. In Trujillo they are ready to party, but they are waiting to define everything about the arrival of the Peruvian striker, because by signing the contract, they consider a commitment to accept the role of 9 men of the Peruvian team. Challenge.

In fact, the Acuña patriarch, César, said in a media a few days ago, “We offer Paulo Guerrero the opportunity to continue to be active. Are you looking for a group? There is Cesar Vallejo University. This is our contribution to the Peru team,” he said.

– In the morning, before the meeting-

After comments from journalist Franco Lastaunu from ESPN on Sunday, there was a meeting between the two parties yesterday regarding Paulo's decision to terminate his contract with the poet group due to personal issues – he recently became a father. After that, due to the sensitivity of the issue, those involved kept the whole thing secret. Until this version is finished, no official version is known.

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DD knew, yes, what the agenda was to tackle the team's historic record. 1) How was your family situation? 2) What is the probability of reaching the capital this Wednesday? 3) How he felt about the club's PF who went to Rio to work with him.

At the same time, on Monday noon, Deportivo was able to find out the club's position regarding Paolo's refusal to join the squad. They are waiting for him tomorrow in Trujillo. They have even arranged a direct flight from Sao Paulo to the Spring Capital and are seeking all permissions from the relevant authorities to open Manciche tomorrow (Wednesday) and hold the presentation there. Otherwise, it will be done at Acuna University Headquarters.


What would have been the position of the poets in their virtual encounter with Guerrero? As we previously reported, Vallejo believes Paulo will fulfill the contract signed on January 29. Yesterday, in conversations with people at the club, they explained to us that beyond the goalscorer's personal issue, “there is no reason for him not to get it done.”

At Villa Poita, if Paolo takes so long to sign the deed, it's because he's appraising Trujillo's arrival and what it will do to his environment.

Also, in Vallejo, they promise that Paolo will stick to his signing as he continues to work with the physical trainer the club has sent to work with him. Steve Brian Curry has been training with the footballer since the beginning of the month as the attacker has been inactive since LTU was crowned champions of the Ecuadorian League on December 17. Work on both ball and body material is done in double shifts.

How will this novel finally resolve? Beyond the openness of the Acuna family to meet all the goalscorer's needs, there is also their request: there is a signed document and a reasonable wait within the plans so that Paolo Guerrero and his family can be comfortable and dedicated. Only for what immortalized him: playing football well.

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