Patria New Bonds 2024: Collect 905.00 bolivars subsidy for Sistema Patria | Venezuela

Want to know how to collect the new Venezuela grant for February? This benefit is now available to all applicants but there are steps to be followed.

Collect the new Venezuela Patria bonus today in Systema Patria: beneficiaries and how to activate.

If you claim a social bonus from the Bolivarian government, you can 905 bolivars this month. This is one of the latest benefits offered across the country. Want to know how to check if it's right for you? Below we tell you everything you need to know about this financial aid that reaches many citizens.

Who collects the bonus of 905.00 bolivars?

Governance is certainty Nicolás Maduro 905.00 bolivars started to be paid to pensioners and elderly people registered in the program. more love. This cash grant will be provided Until February 29 By Sistema Patria for those who meet the requirements requested by the Venezuelan government.

What is the bonus of 905.00 bolivars?

The new grant is equivalent to Bonus against economic warfare of February. Monthly payments to pensioners are sent by President Nicolás Maduro Venezuelan Social Security Agency Y more love. That way, adults enrolled in both programs can access a bonus of 905.00 ps.

Collect the new national bonus for February in Venezuela. | Photo: X

What is the new war bonus amount for pensioners and Amor Mayor?

He War Bonus for Pensioners and Amor Mayor Unlike the previous months, February came with an increase. For the second month of the year, beneficiaries will receive 909.50 bolivars in their Sistema Patria accounts. Payments began on Wednesday, February 21 and will end on Thursday, February 29.

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Paying is significant Bonuses against economic warfare and great love This is one month's salary. If this grant is still not received in your Patria account, it is better to wait for few hours as it will be deposited in next few days after the notification by the authorities.

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