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After victory”Jupiter’s widows”, Netflix Race in another Mexican series. about “A silent agreement”, the dramatic thriller tells the story of a popular influencer who intervenes in the lives of four women, prompting them to discover the truth about their birth and their thirst for revenge.

Carlos Villegas and Mao Korador are the directors of the fiction It premiered on October 11, 2023 Popular streaming platform and it Stars Camila Valero.

Adriana Louvier, Giga Edgar, Marimar Vega, Litzi, Jose Manuel Rincón, Martin Barba, Rodolfo Salas, Chantal Adere and Daniel Medina complete the cast of “.”. But still Who is who ?

List of actors and roles of “The Silent Contract”.

1. Camila Valero as Brenda

Camila Valero stands out for her participation in “El Repugio”, “Desanfrenatas”, “Perfectos Ciencias” and “Mala Fortuna”, in which she shares credits with her grandmother Silvia Pasquale. Women who abandoned her when she was a child.

Camila Valero as Brenda in the Mexican series “Bact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix)

2. Adriana Louvier as Fernanda Alarcon

Adriana Louvier, “Falling in Love,” “Heiress,” “Love in Custody,” “I Have Everything But You,” “Emperatrice,” “Crown of Tears,” “I Want to Love You,” “I Don’t Trust Men,” “About You” Without a Trace”, “Fall into Temptation” and “Devil Girl”, plays Fernanda, one of the friends who hides a secret.

Adriana Louvier as Fernanda in the Mexican series “Pact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix)

3. Giga Edgar as Irene Bustamante

Giga Edgar, “A Christmas Carol,” “True Love,” “Killer Girls,” “Dare to Dream,” “Rules of Love,” “Queen of the South,” “Force of Fate” and “The Donna,” plays Irene.A silent agreement”. She was one of those women who hid or helped to hide a pregnancy at a young age.

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Giga Edgar as Irene in the Mexican series “Bact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix)

4. Marimar Vega as Martina Robles

Marimar Vega, who was part of “Falling in Love”, “Sonaras”, “Los Sanchez”, “While There’s Life”, “Eternal Night”, “Cappadocia”, “Eternally Yours”, “Emperatrice”, “Amor Captivo”. ”, “Traps of Desire”, “The Game of Keys” and “De Brutas, Nada”, giving life to Martina in the Mexican Netflix series. She was one of four women who hid a pregnancy at a young age.

Marimar Vega as Martina in the Mexican series “Bact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix)

5. Litzi as Sofia Estrada

Litzi has participated in productions such as “Carita de angel”, “Pecadora”, “Quiéreme Tonto”, “Una Maid en Manhattan”, “Señora Acero”, “miracles of Christ”, “On the other side of the wall”. , “Los Princesses”, “Who Killed Sarah?” and “Who’s the Mask?”, taking on the role of Sofia.

Litzi as Sofia in the Mexican series “Bact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix)

6. Chantal Adeyre as Ramona

Chantal Adare is a Mexican actress known for “The Other,” “Sortiligio” and “Dulce’s Challenge.” In “Bact of Silence,” she plays Ramona, the former governess of the school where Brenda’s mother and her friends attend. She knew who the teenager was who gave birth to her child.

Chantal Adeyre as Ramona in the Mexican series “Bact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix)

7. Gabriel Angulo as Dr. Julian

Gabriel Angulo is an actor known for his roles in “The 201”, “Cobalt 60” and “Blind Waters”. In this new series, he plays Dr. Julian.

8. Jose Manuel Rincon

José Manuel Rincon is known for his participation in series such as “Senda Forbidden”, “Where the Fire”, “Monarca”, “Ringo” and “Care N Temptation”.

Jose Manuel Rincón is one of the actors of the series “Bact of Silence” (Photo: Netflix).

9. Martin Barba

Martin Barba is known for his roles as Pinky Corguera in “Guerra de Neighbors”, Byrne in “Supertitlan” and Ricardo Cantu in “En Otro Skin”.

10. Rodolfo Salas

Rodolfo Salas is a Venezuelan actor who has played Fausto Melendez in “Vuelve a mí”, Miguel Estévez in “Perfilfalse” and Daniel Valencia in “Betty en NY” among others.

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The cast and characters of “Bact of Silence” are:

What is a “silent agreement” about?

According to the official synopsis “A silent agreement“”With a great thirst for revenge after a difficult childhood, she discovers the truth, while finding love and uncovering secrets that put her in danger.”.

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