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Cynthia Martinezwife Pedro Suarez Vertis, as the singer did, has daily releases telling stories or reflections. The businessman started posting after the artist's death.

Now, Cynthia has been encouraged to tell why the 'I'm in love' video clip affected her and she couldn't continue watching the recording because her husband Pedro Suarez was jealous of her playing with the actress.

“It was a scene of pain when your hands and that model's hands accidentally touched each other… Yes, that's all. But seeing as that destroyed me at the time, I decided that day that you're not going to record any more music videos, and that was it. “I never went to any of your video collections after this” wrote

Pedro Suárez Vértiz did not agree to do romantic scenes for his video clips

The singer's widow remembers those moments with gratitude, because she was young and insecure, but she appreciates her husband's gestures.

“Today I smile and remember with love and tenderness, but at that time I felt like my world was falling apart Because of that funny and improvised scene, it's a fun story for me today. It is important to mention, husband, they always asked you for romantic scenes and you never accepted, and I respect that,” she said.

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