Performance, music and poetry by Nancy Holt at MACBA

¿KWhat is Geobotic?
A cycle of poetry, music and performance in the coming weeks at MACBA in Barcelona, ​​where writers and artists will talk about, from a personal perspective, the way they think about and experience climate change. Effects..

Until January 7, 2024, the center presents Nancy Holt, a conceptual artist who created her work by chronicling the first views of our planet from space.

¿KWhat are the objectives of Geobotic?
If at the end of the sixties Holt was one of the first artists to deal with the devices of our perception, this cycle will try to find artists and writers of our time, whose works teach us to think more about the world. Responsible and attentive to nature.

¿KWho will implement the plan?
Sabel Gavaldon, MACBA Program Manager and Alicia Escobio, Museum Program Coordinator.

Y KWhich teachers will participate?
Invitees will be creators and writers starting from the traditions of autobiographical fiction, epistolary genre or travel literature to address new social and climatic situations from aesthetic, political and existential perspectives and an intimate approach.

They are the Ona Brothers, Ingela Ihman, Daisy Lafarge, Imani Mason Jordan, Felix Taylor, Luce Bichel, Himali Singh Choin, David Choin Tapfacer and Hylozoic/Desires (Himali Singh Choin and David Choin Tapfacer). Additionally, Geography Includes a screening of short films from the KADIST collection about new myths emerging around Earth; They will be led by Elena Damiani, Los Ingravidos Collective, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Ana Vaz, Paul Goes, Minia Piabiani and Camilo Echeverri.

IN KWhat will your proposals consist of?
Presented by Ona Brothers BetaBlastoCuirWill teach performance conferences and workshops on imaginaries and technocultural discourses of genetic science Snow communities, designed for those who have children whose conception involves donation of genetic material; Imani Mason Jordan and Felix Taylor will enhance the performance An earthly companion, about blackness and ecology; Ingela Ihrman, Daisy Lafarge and Luz Pichel will combine poetry and performance Vibrations at Nancy Holt And Himali Singh Choin and David Choin Tappesar will give us a performance installation light bodyBlending spirituality and science.

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IN KOn what dates and times will this cycle take place?
From October 27 to December 1, 2023, Capella MACBA, Convent Auditorium, Family Space, Museum Rooms and Mayor Auditorium.

¿KWhat can I do?
Booking tickets for the performance is recommended as capacity will be limited MACBA website.

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