Peru Team | Gonzalo Núñez got angry with Nicaragua's coach and insulted him live: “Huev… de m…”

Controversial commentator Gonzalo Núñez had a tense debate with Nicaragua coach Marco Figueroa and insulted him live during his radio show.

Gonzalo Núñez stars alongside Marco Figueroa in a tense scene. | Photo: Libero Mix

Gonzalo Nunez He became the target of criticism on social media after insulting the coach of the Nicaraguan national team during a friendly match against Peru. Controversial journalist Chile begins a good interview with Marco Figueroa, however, the conversation turns tense and ends up insulting him live.

The disagreement between the two started when Nunes mentioned that he preferred Italy as a competitor.Two colors'. Figueroa disagreed, as he assured Nicaragua that Peru was a suitable match.

“You're not on the mattress, Maybe you didn't come to court. You don't know what it means to say no to one choice and yes to another. Have some respect for a football that has changed a lot. If you like Italy, I am Mr. I would have been like Fossati. To know the players, you must have a team affiliated with South American football. “Italy has nothing to do with South American football,” he said.

He then added: “It's easy to hold the mic and talk. If you're underestimating the Nicaraguan team, it's because you're uneducated. Because you don't know, you don't know as a coach. .You don't know the process we're going through. If you think Nicaragua is going to be easy for Peru, I tell you, you're wrong.” Let me tell you.

Núñez replied: “So playing Nicaragua is better than playing Italy? Obviously (Italy was better) Venezuela beat Italy by touching.”

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When Figueroa asked to be interviewed by someone else, Núñez decided to cut contact with the strategist. Immediately, the communicator humiliated him with a controversial phrase: “H… de m…”

Who is controversial sports journalist Gonzalo Nunes?

Gonzalo Núñez is a journalist with more than 20 years of experience in various media. Currently, he works as a host for Exitosa Deportes and is a team member in several YouTube projects.

Who is Nicaragua coach Marco Figueroa?

Marco Figueroa was announced as the coach of Nicaragua on February 14, 2022. The San Felipe, Chile-born coach is 62 years old and his preferred formation is a 4-3-3 attack.

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