Rolex: Prosecutor’s office warns of “serious indications” Dina Boluarte was given Rolex and bracelet “as a benefit” | Wilfredo Ascorima’s defense now says two Rolexes belong to his son: This is the investigation into the seizure of jewels | principle

The four jewels were presented as property Wilfredo Ascorimaregional governor of Ayacucho, and he would have used In Boluarte, as the alleged debt. His defense before the prosecution and his statement to the press informed this.

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However, during the previous investigation Supreme Court Preparatory Trial Supreme CourtLawyer Wilfredo Ascorima gave a new version: the two watches actually belonged to the regional officer’s son, while only a Rolex and a bracelet belonged to his client.

The first part of the investigation

Two watches belonged to the son of Don Wilfredo Ascorima. The watch is Mr. A property of Ascorima, so is the bangle. In an arrangement, Mr. [fiscal de la Nación] He believes that everything belongs to Mr. Askorima because the lawyer said so.”, he questioned.

In earlier reports on the matter, Humberto Abando did not mention his son as the owner of the watches. A For example, he said one was bought by the governor to give to the president, while two others were bought earlier but for him.

Meanwhile, the prosecution’s request for confirmation of seizure indicates that a watch, a Datejust model with Everrose gold, was purchased. Panchero House, in Peru. The other two, the Datejust Silver Diamond and Day-Date President models, were purchased overseas through the store. Jomashop.

Los The jewels were seized on April 10, after the prosecutor took them to the Attorney General’s Office for an exhibit procedure. However, the move needs to be confirmed by the judiciary, hence the request Supreme Preparatory Court, He called a hearing this Thursday to discuss the issue.

At the court session, the defence Wilfredo Ascorima He expressed his opposition by denying that there was no need to confiscate the jewels and there was no bar to his rights. “Danger of Delay” or an “immediate danger.” Counsel denied that he had voluntarily taken the jewels for display and that there was a risk that they would disappear if they were not delivered on the day.

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We show good faith behavior and the lawyer says he should forfeit those assets because there is a risk of removing them from the process of justice. I do not accept that insult. I don’t know if the public ministry thing will go away, but that’s not done in this office“, he said The prosecutor’s office inspected and photographed the jewelry and could not prevent the investigation.

Jewelry “Body of Crime”

Humberto Abando rejected the hypothesis that his client and Tina Polwart were to blame. Bribery: “My client bribed the president to fund his regional government”. “Unfortunately, there is no possible causal control in our system, because if there were, this case would be closed”, he commented.

In turn, the Supreme Deputy Solicitor General Hernan Mendoza, As a representative of the Public Ministry, he briefed the case. Principal Tina Polwarte is conducting the investigation Illegal Enrichment Y Improper passive bribery (receiving a bribe to do an act in accordance with his position), while bribery in a common act was attributed to Wilfredo Ascorima.

Hernán Mendoza Salvador participated in the trial on behalf of the National Prosecutor. (Mario Zapata/GEC)

The lawyer explained that the initial charge was against the President “Has illegally increased his wealth” Along with three Rolex watches, “considered luxury or high-end items.” Later, it was expanded to consider “jewellery worth more than USD 160,000, overdrafts in bank accounts, deposits of unknown origin”.

Finally, on April 24, a new rule was issued to include improper passive bribery in the investigation.They seized three wristwatches and a brilliant bangle bracelet after receiving a donation from Ayacucho’s regional governor, Wilfredo Ascorima.”.

The rule also assumes some “Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings”, There will also be three watches and a bracelet “Body of Crime” Illegal enrichment attributable to the President.

Regarding the need for confiscation, the lawyer noted that arrangements have been made to display the jewels since the tax investigation began last March. in the beginning, Tina Polwarte had to make it happen. But he did not do so despite the fact that the staff of the Public Ministry visited his home and office for that purpose. Government Palace.

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In Surquillo District, the home of Tina Polwart was raided on Friday night, March 29 |  Photo: César Grados/@photo.gec

In Surquillo District, the home of Tina Polwart was raided on Friday night, March 29 | Photo: César Grados/@photo.gec

Thereafter, the President’s house and office were also raided Supreme Preparatory Court, could not find watches in it. However, the covers of a Rolex and a bracelet were found. “The question is: Who delivers those goods the way they claim to have received them? [un préstamo] With a letter of guarantee? But hey, it’s the stuff of research]” said the lawyer.

In his statement after the hearing, the President said that the wristwatches were provided Wilfredo AscorimaBut so what “He could not mention” When he did it. However, the prosecution suspects that after the ‘La Encerrona’ show that exposed the case, they sent a questionnaire to the President to seek his defense on the use of Rolexes.

The lawyer pointed out that it came after Wilfredo Askorima was asked to hand over the watch. Panchero House The governor told them Tina Bolovarte bought a similar Rolex watch, the Datejust with Everose Gold, which she wore publicly on “59 occasions”.

Tina Poluarte and Wilfredo Ascorima.  Photo: Presidency

Tina Poluarte and Wilfredo Ascorima. Photo: Presidency

The day of diligence, when Humberto Abando He not only took that watch, but two others and a bracelet, and was asked if he would agree to hand them over as they were related to the events under investigation, to protect them and “prevent concealment of movable property”. Confiscated.

The defense has indicated that this authorization cannot be granted […] But if he is required to do so in writing and has written authorization from his client, he will make the property available.“, said. Given this, The prosecutor replied that “forfeiture of property constituting a corpus delicti” could not depend on written permission and that was why they ordered the action.

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He felt the signs of guilt, danger Failure to attach the property renders the inquiry of fact futile […] This guarantees that what is exhibited will not disappear or be hidden, which would make it difficult to assess as evidence and frustrate subsequent seizures.

Dina Boluarte has faced a series of controversies that began with the revelation that she used 15 watches, including at least one Rolex.

Dina Boluarte has faced a series of controversies that began with the revelation that she used 15 watches, including at least one Rolex.

On the other hand, the lawyer insisted on the changes in the versions given by Tina Polwart and Wilfredo Ascorima since the beginning of the case, and that is why “All this seems rare.”

The first was said to be a ‘former essay’, the result of years of hard work.. Later, Wiflredo Oscorima and his side, in various media, stated that they had nothing to do with the ‘Rolex Case’. The Chief Minister even said that he had bought a watch to give to a very dear family member,” he recalled.

He added, “What the person under investigation said was that he used fine jewelry and later, wristwatches like bracelets were an unacceptable gift; Later, the loan was accepted, and due to operational difficulties, he handed them over to Wilfredo Ascorima.

Counsel concluded that these versions were “They take us to an incredible view of what happened.” “That is why the Public Ministry has decided to expand the investigation in the indicated terms as there are serious criminal indications that these assets were given as a benefit.”

The decision will be announced by Judge Juan Carlos Cegli, who previously authorized the search of the president's home in a similar case.

The decision will be announced by Judge Juan Carlos Cegli, who previously authorized the search of the president’s home in a similar case.

At another time, he insisted on it Only one watch, bracelet and earrings were purchased in Peru, the others were purchased abroad: “It is not known whether they entered the country, whether they were declared at customs, or who brought them. All these are matters to be clarified and investigated.

Own protection In Boluarte, used by lawyer Eduardo Barrica, also opposed the seizure and deemed it unjustified. He also accused the prosecutor’s office of basing its investigation on press reports.

For his part, counsel State Attorney General’s Office Joined the demand for a court presided over by a Magistrate Juan Carlos Segli, Confirm the seizure of three Rolexes and a bracelet.

Once the discussion between the four parties was over, Judge Juan Carlos Cegli announced that he would close the hearing and announce his decision in writing. At present, the seized jewels are sealed and kept in an archive National Bank.

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