Peru Team | “We have never seen a Peruvian goalkeeper of the caliber of Pedro Callis. His cat reflexes are comparable to Fillol or Casillas” | Peru vs. Brazil | Qualifiers 2026 | Game-Total

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Six pipes: 1) left leg from Avalos; 2) and 3) Diego Gomez’s corner hit the post, rebounds, Gustavo Gomez’s half-Chile/Salacca hit the crossbar; 4) Diego Gomez’s free kick to the crossbar; 5) and 6) right foot from Romero Camarra, it falls to Carlos Gonzalez, left foot and stick again.

Now, the situation elevates the point to a highlight category: going to Paraguay without six starters (Lapatula, Cave, Aquino, Callens, Zambrano, Edison flowers), playing with ten men for a while, ninety-five minutes of them fighting you and adding to the table is certainly celebrated. and frees the technician. But nothing football-wise. It’s an essential topic: To play well tomorrow, it’s important to show something today. Because you have to differentiate: one is to defend yourself by keeping the ball, the other is to not allow your opponent to create scoring situations, and the other is to make twelve dangerous plays. And save your chances. If your goalkeeper saves you it’s on his own merit and the sticks won’t let you save. And crosses and hot flashes don’t count, only those that hit the target.

Kareka also had five or six players dirty, but they never played like that, and he discussed the games in between. He filled the line with fliers and prevented them from reaching him. And he maintained a streak, never losing his vertical game.

Pedro Gallese

vs. Paraguay

6 saves

2 close saves

2 Permissions

100% of views saved

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DD Survey: “Reynoso shut us up with draw”, but “he owes more effort against Brazil”: Peru’s challenge and how to add to the score against Scratch

There was no point in talking about 4-3-1-2 or any tactical drawing, the process was so unfavorable, so lopsided. Also, the journalist should have a more cosmic view, comment on the scene, what happened, and not delve into tactical speculation. That is the work of Reynoso and Baros Schelotto. They design the strategy and we analyze their teams according to what they have shown.

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Young left mouse Ramon Sosa (Talleres de Córdoba is going to get millions for it) drove people crazy. Advincula Left and Mickey Almiron It slipped Draco Right side. That and the Paraguayans’ fearsome centers created space. The Paraguayan midfielder dominated the field, anticipating and always winning the ball, especially on breakaways. Peru’s lateness made it easier for two men of immense temperament in every breakthrough, two centre-backs in Gustavo Gomez and Fermin Balbuena, to be very difficult to contain. And it all went up against Kallis. Paraguay, it must be emphasized, poured a great will on the pitch to start the victory and did everything for it except the goal. It was his sin. But at times the intensity was unbearable. La Alberoja, like Johan Cruyff’s Clockwork Orange, attacked by air, sea and land. Let’s see how Paraguay compares to other contenders.

Kallis’ incredible performance may still surprise some, but already in 2015, when he showed himself at the Copa America in Chile, it was clear that he was going to be a goalkeeper for the national team for ten or twelve years. We’ve never seen a Peruvian goalkeeper like this. As for the former, not even close. Through anger, conditions and performance. Pedro’s cat reflexes can be compared to Fillol or Casillas. They can hit a header from a meter away, reach out and take the ball out. Also, there is always more morale to pass on to colleagues. The fielder gains confidence as he sees his goalkeeper taking everything. The point comes from the Orlando City goalkeeper’s suitcase. By: We hear MLS is a fun league. Two figures of the night hail from MLS: Kallis and Paraguayan Diego Gomez.

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One is a phenomenon, it is said, and the other is a crack Yotún. If he’s physically fit, he’s class A in handling and distributing the ball and he doesn’t get flustered or upset under any circumstances. He orders, cleans up the play and is a great passer. Kallies and Yoden should never catch a cold…! And there’s that indefatigable worker: Renato Tapia.

Yotan was one of those who tried to play in the Peruvian midfield.  (Photo: FPF)

Yotan was one of those who tried to play in the Peruvian midfield. (Photo: FPF)

On the contrary, very weak Conchita Gonzalez (absent) and Andre Carrillo. This is Paolo Guerrero. He sent a shot to the crossbar because he was too far out of the area, without a mark, and it was difficult for him as he lost momentum one-on-one. It’s difficult for a 9 who is almost 40 years old to go and fight in the area with two beasts like Balbuena and Gustavo Gomez. Advincula couldn’t beat Sosa. He boldly stopped him. The first time he was warned, but the second time he didn’t … he was duly ejected.

Good Reynoso in reorganizing the defense in the second half. He brought out Draco, which was a freeway, brought out two full backs (Corso and Lopez) who did well, and Araujo, who made water in the centres. Carrillo Y Gonzales. The technician read correctly. It’s not small, there are coaches who make bad transitions, and instead of improving, they get worse. Now, don’t forget that there are two aspects of football, attack and defense. You cannot qualify by saving 18 games. And when to go ahead…? Shall we give Paolo a gun? Guerrero And let him…? Brazil fielded Rodrigo, Rabinha, Neymar and Richarlison without Vinicius, Anthony and Paquette. And he left Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli in the room.

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With Dot in your pocket, everything changes perspective. But be careful, if the point wins inside the outside is valid. Seven more will be absent on Tuesday. Brazil arrives with an interim coach. If I’ve ever traveled without a coach, it’s always Brazil. Let Bolivia say…

There are those who fall in love with the board and others with the sport. First, Peru is among the six who qualified today.

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