Peru vs Bolivia | When and where will the next match of the Peru national team be held on the date 5 of the 2026 qualifiers | Video | South American Qualifications | game

The Peruvian side will take on their Bolivian rivals on day five in an exciting clash that promises to keep football fans across the region glued to their seats and televisions. North American Qualifiers 2026.

When and what time is the meeting between Peru and Bolivia for the 2026 qualifiers?

The Peruvian team prepares to take on its Argentine counterpart in a high-intensity clash scheduled for 4pm Peruvian time on Thursday, November 16.

The match was part of the fifth leg of the 2026 South American qualifiers at the Hernando Sails Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia.

Where can you find the conflict between Peru and Bolivia?

For fans who cannot be in the stadium, the intensity of the match is available to everyone with free broadcasts on ATV and America TV, where they can watch this exciting clash in full.

Likewise, Movistar Deportes will offer an option for those who want to follow the match in real-time, ensuring that no one misses a single moment of this important match on the road to the 2026 World Cup.

What is the established format for qualifiers?

The South American qualifiers officially began on Thursday, September 7, with opening matches between Paraguay and Peru, Colombia and Venezuela and Argentina and Ecuador.

CONMEBOL decided in March to maintain the same format and calendar for the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers that have been in place since 1998, officially starting in the seventh month of 2023.

Regarding the tournament schedule distributed over 18 days until September 2025, it is important to highlight that each team will play 9 games at its home ground and travel to play the same number as the visitor. This creates an “all-against-all” tournament format conducted over two rounds. Also, in 2023, in addition to the double-header in September, two more double-headers are scheduled between October and November.

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Peru lost 1-2 to Bolivia in the Sudamericano U17 tournament in Guayaquil. (Photo: FPF)

Peru’s match in 2026 qualifiers:

  • Date 3: Chile vs. Peru | October 2023
  • Date 4: Peru vs. Argentina | October 2023
  • Date 5: Bolivia vs. Peru | November 2023
  • Date 6: Peru vs. Venezuela | November 2023
  • Date 7: Peru vs. Colombia | September 2024
  • Date 8: Ecuador vs. Peru | September 2024
  • Date 9: Peru vs Argentina Uruguay | October 2024
  • Date 10: Brazil vs. Peru | October 2024
  • Date 11: Peru vs. Chile | November 2024
  • Date 12: Argentina vs. Peru | November 2024
  • Date 13: Peru vs. Bolivia | March 2025
  • Date 14: Venezuela vs. Peru | March 2025
  • Date 15: Colombia vs. Peru | June 2025
  • Date 16: Peru vs. Ecuador | June 2025
  • Date 17: Uruguay vs. Argentina Peru | September
  • Date 18: Peru vs Argentina Paraguay | September

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