Peruvian National Team: After the loss against Bolivia, Mr. Pete takes aim at Peruvian player: “He can’t be picked anymore” | Carlos Zambrano

The sports commentator was worried about the performance of this Peruvian national team player after the heavy defeat against Bolivia.

Mr. Carlos Zambrano’s performance after Peru’s loss against Bolivia. Pete criticized | Composition: Libero

Under the leadership of coach Juan Reynoso, the Peru team continues to reap poor results. In fact, in one of their recent clashes, ‘Blanqueroja’ lost 2-0 Bolivia At the height of La Paz. After a poor start in these qualifiers many fans expressed even more rejection of the ‘capzone’. North America World Cup 2026.

One of the points that many sports journalists question is the current status of some members of ‘Baikalar’. Along these lines, Mr. Pete pointed out that today, the Guardian Lima AllianceCarlos Zambrano is no longer a selectable player.

As you may recall, ‘Leon’ looks very close to the first play of ‘Altiplanico’ Henry Vaca and Ramiro Vaca converting Hernando Siles’ second score in La Paz.

(VIDEO: ‘Under Pressure’)

“Suddenly he broke it against Venezuela, he was ‘Kaiser’ against Ecuador and Colombia, but Zambrano was not the player to choose today”In the latest edition of ‘A Presión’, Mr. Pete said.

Finally, the sports reporter also questioned whether the Peruvian team strategist had decided that the defender would start against Bolivia: “But Reynoso let Zambrano play. He lost the first goal and appeared in the second.”

When and what time is Peru vs Venezuela playing?

For Round 6 of the 2026 qualifiers, Peru and Venezuela face off on Tuesday, November 21 from 9:00pm in Peru (10:00pm in Venezuela).

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