Diego Repagliatti’s crude analysis after Peru’s loss against Chile: Three unforgiving phrases about Juan Reynoso’s game

Diego Repagliatti explodes against Peru after 2-0 loss against Chile | Movistar Games

The Team Peru He could not redeem any point of his visit Chile And lost 0-2 within the framework of Date 3 South American Eligibility The Monumental Stadium in Santiago is set to host the 2026 World Cup in North America. ‘Two Colors’ He had a poor performance and succumbed to a goal by Diego Valdes and an own goal by Marcos López. However, what attracted more attention was the style of play that the national team displayed on the field. In that sense, Diego Repagliati He delivered a crude analysis, dropping three merciless sentences related to the manner in which he lost, the plan with the ball and the team’s future.

There are ways to lose, and I think this is the worst of all. Playing poorly, defending too much, with a blocked ball and a goal in the last minute, you can lose it. A timid team, confused with the ball, unable to put the game together and create danger, until we conceded the goal in some situations,” his first words about Movistar Deportes after this difficult result.

In it, he objected to the technician’s proposal Juan Reynoso. “A team that is used to playing very well, at this moment, there is no point in continuing to play like this, it gives us a great feeling that we should be very motivated and that we have to put in. And the players on the field with many players “I play back as a team that has the personality to stand on any ground, ” he said.

Paulo Guerrero has had few chances to shoot on target and was excellent in Peru against Chile. – Credits: Getty Images

Obviously, the collective performance the national team received from Ricardo Gareca has been forgotten and qualification for the World Cup has started to look like a utopian dream. “Then you can win and lose, of course, in this very difficult South American qualifier for us, we’re going to lose a lot, especially as visitors. But The image given by Peru is very bad, and we need to improve it very quickly, otherwise, no matter how many places, everything will be too far. This time we are out of the game and now at the table,” he said.

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Diego Repagliati It was very stressful to list the reasons for that Peru surrendered Chile In Santiago, he was very blunt in his position. “Tough because the game let us down as the minutes progressed. We stopped commenting on games that had Peru Zero, and we could see that a program had variations. What happened was very disappointing because the team with the ball was completely incapable of stringing together three passes in a row with attacking intent. “The number of backward passes was an invitation for Chile to put pressure on us and it was furious,” he said.

Peru lost 2-0 to Chile in Matchday 3 of the 2026 qualifiers

The commentator concluded with two other sentences summarizing the situation in which the Peruvian team is now in final place, defying this decision. South American Eligibility With just one point (from a draw with Paraguay in Ciudad del Este). The streak leaves one match remaining this October against Argentina in Lima on Tuesday, October 17.

“I want the team to do well, but I didn’t look at the clock in the last minutes because the game didn’t inspire confidence. When Carrillo entered, he almost went one-on-one with Cortes. But The team’s plan to keep the ball at their feet was a complete failure. There is great effort to understand the defense plan and implement it, but Playing like this does not give us a bright future”, he noted.

The commentator attacked the ‘two-tone’ approach and was pessimistic about the future. (Video: Movistar Deportes)

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