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– How do you rate Reynoso's management in terms of logistics and sports? Would you say poor?

Why kill him? I wish I could tell you that the results didn't happen, but I think he's a great coach. He's a great guy and unfortunately results just didn't work out, as they usually do in football when results don't work out, but I wish him the best in his next sporting endeavors.

– What did Juan Reynoso fail at?

don't know You should ask him.

– What surprised you about Fossati's methodology? Did anything in particular catch your attention?

George is a highly experienced coach with over 30 years of coaching experience and knows how to get the best out of his team. In fact, he holds the championship record. From what I can see these days I think his experience and wisdom will be very useful for us because the training is only for a few days. I feel there is a good atmosphere and the players are committed. Especially for us as a confederation of fans, an illusion is being renewed.

What special needs did George Fossati ask you for?

The gym was a request from the coaching staff and a huge financial investment was made by the federation to build an elite gym in record time. The gym was built in less than 40 days and is at par with the gyms of the most prestigious federations and first world clubs. That is the legacy that the Technology Command leaves for the Federation.

– Anything else? Competitors? Logistics?

We talk every day and since they made it official as coaches in the last days of December, we have a very fluid communication. The relationship is very good and the work flows excellently. There is a working group and a way of working here, rather than specific needs, embracing both parties, the training staff and us (the federation) and the expectations that we had and what we expect them to do, things are going well.

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– Did Fossati have any concerns based on those conversations?

We talk about issues related to national team, player summons, call-ups, upcoming friendlies, scheduling, sports calendar. On tactical or team issues, I think the only person who can sit at the table with Jorge Fossati from the confederation is Juan Carlos Oblitas.

– There is talk of friendlies in the US in June, is that confirmed?

Yes, it is spoken. There are possibilities, it is yet to be confirmed. There are many restrictions on playing tournaments in the US. So we evaluate some options with the coaches, and when these games happen, make the best game decision.

– And from which confederation will they be rivals?

We have a lot of options, so I want to keep it a secret because I can announce them at closing so they don't fall apart.

When will the contestants for June be announced?

I don't have an exact date, but after these games, it would certainly be prudent to announce the upcoming competitors in the first days of April.

– Can Lima host June friendlies?

don't know It is one of the options, it can be.

– There has been a lot of criticism about Peru's change in the selection of opponents: it went from playing against Morocco, Germany, Japan to playing against Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. As an authority of the Federation, what can you say about this?

It seems to me that there are moments against all kinds of teams. Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic deserve the most respect, playing against Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Those are complicated choices. I think we would be worse off if we underestimated our competitors.

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– For example, the Dominican Republic has a policy of repatriating players from Europe with their country of origin.

Not to mention any player, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic are good leagues and teams with elements in competitive teams. We would be wrong to underestimate these competitors.

– Can you believe Peru can qualify for the World Cup with Fossati today?

In fact, hiring George and his technical team to coach the national team is looking for that, and that's the intent. Although it is true that we are in a difficult position in the table, numerically we are very close to the qualification positions. 66% of the qualifiers are still to be played. With 66% points in contention, I think we are fully in the race.

– Fossati is very open with the press and mediator with the fans of the press, is that rapport sought, which was lost months ago?

It hired the board of directors, the general football administration and apparently the president, George, who had brought a good gift to his previous club and, above all, experience to back him up. As I told you the exam. Detailed record of previous and achievements. So, I think it fits our requirement.

– Can you tell us something about Peru's logistics at the Copa America?

It depends on the friendlies we play before. But since I'm telling you about the Copa America, a few days ago we visited the venues of the official study program in the United States with Professor Avelino. The truth is we are pleasantly surprised. USA is one of the best host countries for hosting high level sports events. So we were touring Peru's playgrounds. We are very satisfied with what we observed.

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– Fossati said in a conference that he sees players of Peruvian origin in Barcelona and Sweden. Is Diego Kochsen being overlooked?

There is a section of the federation responsible for monitoring and pursuing Peruvian soldiers abroad or of Peruvian origin. George and his technical command know it well. They will be responsible for providing you with additional details. I know it's obvious, but the scouting issue and minors have work and investment with 'chemo'. So we do it well.

– Is the continuation of Chemo del Solar in Videna at any point in doubt?

Committed to chemo plan. It is an important part of the confederation's sporting structure. He heads the technical department for the minors and is also the coach of the under-20 team that will compete in the South American World Cup qualifiers in 10 months. Furthermore, we welcome this announcement by FIFA that the U-17 World Cup will be held annually from 2025 to 2030. This provides a great opportunity to qualify and find new generations who have been lost in the space for a long time. With World Cups every two years, I think our youth teams will have good years.

-In light of Antonio García Pi's excellent work, how do you take this new position at FPF?

In a very natural way. I have been working for 7 years, I was responsible for youth teams, futsal, beach soccer, women's soccer, and the only thing that changed was the addition of the senior team, but there is still a responsible team behind each department. The same. If I had to evaluate my work in recent months, I would say that it went well, because if nothing comes out, it means that the work is good. This work is silent, it doesn't require constant approval, and as long as it goes unnoticed, things get done better.

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