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Competition A popular act He ordered the dismissal of six members of parliament involved in the case.Children”.

The decision was taken at a plenary meeting held at his party premises today and conveyed to the legislators. Raul Dorotio, Elvis Vergara, Jorge Luis Flores, Darwin Spinoza, Ilyich Lopez and Juan Carlos Mori.

Edmundo del Aguila Herrera, President A popular actExplained, TV Perú reports, that The process began on August 19 at his party’s National Disciplinary Secretariat.

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Immediately, the First Chamber of the Disciplinary Court proceeded accordingly and accepted the Separation Agreement, For finding that the facts of this case constitute “betrayal of the party”.He pointed out.

Permits They still have the option to appeal this decision a second time.Del Aguila said. The process is independent of the process going on in the judiciary due to similar events, the chairman added.

Party meeting today

Decision of the Disciplinary Court The party workers were informed in today’s party meeting.

After this resolution, Del Aguila further pointed out. will be reported to the Chairman of Congress Members of Parliament above cannot and should not use the name A popular act In Parliament, Because they have been expelled from that group.

In that sense, They should form a new bench or join an existing oneHe pointed out.

case ChildrenIt came to light when informed Members of Parliament A popular act They would have partnered with former President Pedro Castillo to protect him Congress, In exchange for certain concessions.

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