Power BI is a tool that gets stronger every day in the public sector

  • Villacomes, Fuguin, La Mesa, Tocancipá, La Vega, Bojacá, Fosca, Venecia, Tabio and Cajicá are some of the municipalities that have trained in data analytics.

(Kundinamarka, May 16, 2023) Managing large amounts of data, identifying trends and making predictions, free and shared access to information, and real-time data analysis are attended by ICT leaders, officials and contractors from Kundinamarca. In training cycle headed by ICT Secretary.

“We seek to strengthen the knowledge of ICT leaders in information analysis, digital government policy and information security, which, in addition to being implemented in their work activities, allows us to provide better service to citizens. Various technological tools. For this reason, every Tuesday in our training room, a space directed by engineer Carlos Trujillo We open, with experts guiding participants through the topics discussed. ICT Secretary Sandra Patricia Gutierrez said.

For his part, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Science, Technology and Innovation (CTeI), Cajica, Fabio Díaz, said, “It is a great pleasure to participate in these exercises with the working groups we have. Strengthened skills, such as organizing information through graphics, allow programs such as Power BI, And understanding, learning and using identity Generate insights that link patterns and information and, in some cases, automate decisions, insight and action.”.

Mayors who wish to participate in these training cycles can request space and take up the topics either in person or online as per their requirement. To do this, they must write: [email protected]

Training progresses according to the goal 432 of the development plan “Implementation of Digital Government Policy of 116 Municipalities” ‘Kundinamarka, Progress Area’.

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