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On Friday 2nd June, The Dollar in Peru After the House of Representatives yesterday approved a deal to avoid debt defaults, it closed lower amid increased appetite for risk assets. America.

He exchange rate It ended the day at S/ 3,688 per dollar, a slight decline from Thursday’s close of S/ 3,696, according to data from Bloomberg agency.

So far this year, the greenback has accumulated a decline of 3.13% compared to the 2022 closing price of S/ 3,807.

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Parallel market

On the parallel market or major exchange, the dollar is bought at S/ 3.67 and sold at S/ 3.69, according to data from the portal. .

Likewise, the average price in the banking market is S/ 3,676 for buying and S/ 3,684 for selling.

dollar worldwide

Most Latin American currency and stock markets closed higher earlier in the day, fueled by increased appetite for riskier assets after the House of Representatives approved a deal to avoid debt repayments. America.

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According to Reuters agency, this is strengthening expectations Central Reserve Hold off on raising interest rates this month after agency officials hinted at examining the impact of the current tightening cycle.

Now, agents’ eyes will focus on the May employment report, which will be released today and is key to defining the central bank’s course.

Additionally, agents will wait for the U.S. Senate’s decision to send a bill to the president to implement a bill to suspend the government’s debt ceiling. Joe Biden Sign it into law with just four days left to avoid a catastrophic default.

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