Protein Voucher: MEF announced to provide S/ 25 to vulnerable families | Plan with Panche Peru 2 | economy

To improve the family economy, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) It announced that the Protein Vale or also known as “Vale Pollo” of S/25 will be distributed to the vulnerable population for a period of four months.

As part of the Con Punche Peru 2 project, MEF president Alex Contreras said the move will benefit 1.2 million Peruvian families.

“Temporary Protein Voucher of S/25 valid for four months, applicable to FISE Discount Voucher of S/25”said the minister.

How does this mechanism work?

“This will be charged within FISE Vale. At the moment 1.2 million people have received this bonus with their electricity bill, thereby getting a discount on gas purchases. Now they will have an extra S/ 25. A ball of gas that costs approximately S/ 50 will practically cover the price of the entire ball”shrunk

Contreras dismissed it as a voucher for the direct purchase of chicken. “It is called Vale Proteico because you free up S/ 25, which is used to bridge a very large food gap.”, he pointed out.

In addition, the executive noted that the amount of this average is S/ 120 million.

Plan Con Panche Peru 2 envisages an investment of more than S/ 5,900 million

During the presentation of the Con Punche Peru 2 project, he said that it aims to continue to encourage families, regions, productive sectors and the reactivation of the country’s economic activities.

Minister Alex Contreras was accompanied by the Deputy Ministers of Finance, José Carlos Chávez and Economy, Juan Pichihua, and the General Directors and Technical Committee.

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