‘Puma’ Carranza Announces End of Marriage to Carmen Rodriguez: “We’re Good Friends”

‘Puma’ Carranza ended his marriage to Carmen Rodriguez. | America TV

Jose Luis ‘Puma’ Carranza wowed his supporters and spectators alike. Divorced of the mother of his daughters, Carmen Rodriguez, After 31 years together. This Tuesday, October 10, during the broadcast of ‘Monday Queen Monday’, the idol of the Universitario de Deportes announced the dissolution of their union.

Also, the ex-footballer said that the split was amicable and they maintained good relations despite the split. When did it all begin? Maria Pia Cobello He asks him about her, to which the sportsman does not hesitate to reveal what is going on between them.

“I am divorced. She is my friend and we met very well. Most importantly, look good. Now we are good friends. She is the mother of my daughters and we have to respect her,” Carranza told America TV magazine during his visit.

‘Puma’ Carranza says he is divorced from the mother of his children in ‘Monday Queen Monday’ | Capture/USA TV/Broadcast

Carlos Wilches He asked him an interesting question using the cameras. Very much in his style, he asked if he was meeting someone new. “Are you dating anyone?” is the famous ‘Carlotta’ question.

‘Greem’ is a former footballer He denied starting a new relationship. He is yet to reveal the details of why he decided to end his relationship with the mother of his children after 31 years of marriage.

The ‘Puma’ Carranza and Carmen Rodriguez They got married in the 90s and as a result of this bond, their daughters were born. They formed one of the most beloved families by the fans of the Universitario de Deportes club, where he played his entire football career and won several national titles.

‘Puma’ Carranza and ‘Carlotta’ talk on TV. | America TV

Magali Medina’s project revealed a betrayal that rocked the soccer and Peruvian entertainment world years ago. Former player ‘Puma’ Carranza’s wife Carmen Rodriguez, K.Caught kissing a stranger in 2009.

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According to the host, Ambai was recorded by his ‘urragos’ who followed the couple for days. The spokesperson said it was exclusive to no one else and it proved the woman’s disappointment to the ‘Creem’ athlete.

“What are you doing here?” In the middle of the Costa Verde with a guy who is not her husband. Hey, don’t think about guessing or being wrong. Don’t let your imagination run wild, we didn’t see anything sinister,” one is heard saying in the People report at the time.

‘Puma’ Carranza with his wife Carmen Rodriguez. | diffusion

“And what’s wrong with a little kiss on the cheek, nothing, nothing wrong. But keep paying attention, be careful, be careful,” added the reporter. The spread of the material generated many reactions and complaints. Thus, the host had to come forward to defend his scoop.

“We have seen how Carranza and his wife had their ups and downs in their relationship. But even when they attacked him, it was also revealed how she protected her husband like a lioness. What we show is like a paparazzi lens, without invading the limits and doing it on the street,” he said.

Shirley Serres surprised the audience by describing what it was ‘Puma’ Carranza In privacy. These statements were given in a conversation with Patricio Suárez Vértiz during the series ‘La Casa de Magaly’.

Shirley Serres describes what ‘Puma’ Carranza was like in person. | ATV

“For me, ‘Puma’ is Carranza “He’s a very intense person,” the former Sport Boys cheerleader said after the singer asked her about him. He asks him if he remembers the time they spent together for 3 consecutive days. “Of course, it wasn’t that long ago,” the dancer replied to the Peruvian interpreter.

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