Querétaro thrives on cutting-edge technology

Querétaro thrives on cutting-edge technology

Marco Antonio del Brete Tercero, head of the Sustainable Development Secretariat (SEDESU), presided over the presentation of the “Smart Intersection in Queretaro” project launched by the automotive company Continental. Program for Technology and Innovation Development (PEDETI).

A prototype was created to help reduce vehicle accidents by operating an intelligent intersection on Pi de la Cuesta Avenue at the corner of Belen, in which automotive-grade radar and sensor technology was installed, as well as cameras and algorithms. Artificial intelligence for object detection.

Marco del Brete asks to develop more technology

In his message, the Secretary highlighted Continental’s interest in continuing to improve technology and use it in the state, and in collaboration with the talent of the people of Queretaro; Through PEDETI, he promised to continue to support models like this, which put Querétaro at the forefront of the world.

“It is doubly satisfying for us not only because the first intelligent crossover was installed in Mexico, but because that intelligent crossover was created from Querétaro, because Querétaro contributes a lot of value to the Latin American and global automotive industry,” he said.

Finally, del Breit Tercero, another issue supported by the intelligent intersection of the continental is the alignment with the decarbonization strategies of the economy outlined by SEDESU, as intelligent urban development is observed.

Meanwhile, Continental’s global director for secure infrastructure solutions, Kent Yuk, announced that the project is related to intelligent traffic management, because one of the company’s main strengths is security, which is why it believes in aiming to eliminate the vision zero concept. Future deaths, injuries and accidents.

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The event was attended by David Pineda Diome, director of the Continental Research and Development Center in Querétaro; Legal Director of IENTC Communications, Fernando Sanchez Asad; Secretary of Mobility of the Municipality of Querétaro, Rodrigo Vega Mestre; President of Vórtice IT, Jorge Butron Arriola; as well as Monica Aceves Mendoza, Director and Program Leader of Passive Security and Sensors at Continental.


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