The Palestinian ambassador in Peru indicated that at least 500 people were killed in the bombing of the hospital.

messenger Walid Muqat It demanded an end to the attack, which killed at least 500 people He described it as a “disruption”.And asked the international community to break its silence and take action to ensure impunity.

Palestinian Ambassador to Peru, Walid MuqatHe confirmed that at least 500 people had died this Tuesday Bombardier Hospital Ahli Arab In Gaza StripThey attributed it to the Israeli forces.

In statements to RPP Noticias, the diplomatic representative condemned the attack on the hospital, where he pointed out that at least 5,000 people had taken refuge in addition to the wounded. Thus, he asserted International community To stop what he described as “disgrace” and not allow it to go unpunished.

“The cold-blooded massacre perpetrated against hundreds of Palestinian refugees by the Israeli occupation forces. Hospital El Ahly Arab from Gaza City “It will forever be a stain on the conscience of humanity that has not acted to stop the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people,” he said.

“We demand an end to this degradation, we ask the international community, especially the Security Council, to act and condemn this unbreakable punishment (…) More than 500 people (dead), almost 900 people. I have the last message of 900. , Because in this hospital, as the listeners know, there are injured people, but more than 5,000 people have taken refuge inside this hospital because they think it is a safe zone. Unfortunately, no one has been saved,” he added.

About the humanitarian crisis

He also pointed out that Israel has broken all international rights by “mercilessly slaughtering” thousands of civilians. Gaza Strip Especially through bomb attacks targeting urban areas.

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He also referred to the humanitarian crisis in the conflict zone and said that he had been warned about the situation after the collapse of the hospital.

“I have today’s report where they say there were 14 members before the blast United Nations have been murdered in Gaza, the United Nations reports that half a million Palestinians have been displaced and have only four days’ worth of food supplies. “Hospitals don’t have enough medical equipment, and there’s no water or electricity throughout Gaza,” he said.

“UNICEF has warned of a health crisis due to deaths under the rubble. 52% of those killed were children, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, bodies under the rubble,” he pointed out.

Regarding the attack carried out by the armed group Hamas, the ambassador noted that they condemn any act of violence; However, he said there was no point in making comparisons between the group’s attack and Israel’s ongoing attacks against Palestinians over the years.

“We condemn any attack, by this or that, but cannot sum up an attack Hamas “75 years of massacres, bombings, killings of the Palestinian people, for the love of God they should be justified, Israel’s execution is a problem, withdrawing from our territory and refusing to obey the international community. , we are under occupation”, held.

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