Quirónsalud puts technology within patient reach

Quirónsalud puts technology within patient reach

ATS Special Award: Digitization of Healthcare

Dehumanization, innovation, digitization and Big Data allow us to deliver humane, personalized, agile and effective medicine.

The Digitization This is important for streamlining clinical processes and improving the patient experience. In this sense, Kronsalut There is a lot to say. Having innovative technology, providing quality care, investing in research and digitizing processes is an outstanding campus set up by the hospital team. Purpose: Guarantee a Comprehensive maintenance and personal experience. “Dehumanization, technological innovation, digitization and Big data They allow us to offer a more humane, personalized, active and effective medicine to respond not only to the needs, but also to the expectations of patients”, explains Juan Antonio Álvaro de la Parra, General Director of Operations of the Granzalud Group.

Representative of Hospital Group It explains that the information provided by digital health is more useful to improve the health processes: prevention, education, prevention and early detection; While, improving processes; Then evaluate the results. On the other hand, it allows innovate Brings benefits to individual and collective health.

A complete revolution in healthcare, though Juan Antonio Alvaro de la Parra“The real revolution is not technology, but the information it gives us to improve the results of all care processes, to be more efficient, to anticipate potential health problems, to be more involved in the whole process of helping the patient, to remove everything that does not add value, without the common physical barriers of the hospital, of the highest quality. Basically promote medicine.

Digital health is the key to guarantee the sustainability and efficiency of the health system

One of the solutions implemented by Quirónsalud at Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Rey Juan Carlos, Infanta Elena and General de Villalba University Hospitals Intelligent Room or “Smartroom”, a program to reduce emotional burden commonly associated with hospitalization. It integrates technological elements with a patient portal, controlling treatment and comfort elements designed for an optimal patient stay, through a tablet installed in the room. The environment is more comfortable, with access to leisure activities, reducing income and reducing educational requirements A customizable experienceWith the support of new technologies.

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Another of the initiatives launched at these four centres Digital emergency circuit, which responds to demands derived from increased demand in the ER. This device makes it possible to effectively and quickly deal with chronic and less exposed processes that patients come to this service, reducing and reducing the pressure on this hospital area. Two entry ways are enabled: external phone call and video call from the hospital. With this Virtual focus Resolution of the problem that brings the patient to the center and their discharge from the service, discharge through ambulatory follow-up in external consultations or performance of complementary tests may be provided.

Technology makes it possible to anticipate potential problems and improve the patient experience

It is necessary to pay special attention to the project High-resolution teledermatology Initiated by the Hospital Group. The initiative arose as an innovative response to the need to reach more patients, especially those who have difficulty accessing face-to-face consultations. Recently, the Spanish Academy of Dermatology The solution was presented at a special national congress held in Santiago de Compostela, considering that it offers benefits to patients. Skin lesions. To begin with, it gives you the opportunity to get a timely assessment and diagnosis without waiting long for a face-to-face appointment. In addition, remote access through images provides greater convenience to patients, avoiding unnecessary travel and waiting. There is a commitment to respond within 48 hours, establishing a diagnosis, treatment and action plan, followed by face-to-face consultations or operating room assistance if needed. All this without the patient needing to undergo any procedure beyond visiting their Kronsalut centerVery close to taking photos and downloading apps MiQuironsaludThe group’s patient portal, which already has more than 5.5 million users.

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Technology is here to stay for this group: “Digital health is not linked to the future, but to the present, as the key to guaranteeing Consistency and the efficiency of the health system”, emphasizes Juan Antonio.


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