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In Peru, seven out of ten children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 17 access the Internet, according to INEI. How to teach students in a hyperconnected school? The Telefónica Movistar Foundation offers new digital, free and certified courses for teachers interested in taking advantage of the potential of technology.

under internet day, Fundación Telefónica’s virtual courses are available Teachers of all levels and modes (Primary, Primary, Secondary, Special Basic Education and Alternate Basic).
Call for Digital Courses for Teachers will come in June and The Registration is available at plataforma educated.

Here are seven virtual courses Peruvian teachers can participate in:

1. The flipped classroom

This course aims to learn about the flipped classroom model (flipped classroom), its potential applicability in the context of secondary education, the benefits of its development and the problems or disadvantages we may encounter while implementing it.

Over 100 digital tools available for creating “flipped” synthetic content will be explored.

2. Take action against cyberbullying

Fundación Telefónica is offering two digital courses to prepare teachers to deal with bullying and cyberbullying, which affects about 75% of school-age children and records ten cases a day, according to estimates from the Ministry of Education.

In the first lesson, definitions of bullying, proposals for prevention, promoting well-being and awareness, and mediation strategies will be presented.

It focuses on addressing and responding to this form of violence by always focusing on the well-being assets that help the teacher understand everything as an opportunity for learning and personal and group evolution.

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3. Bullying: Prevention, Detection and Action

The second course will expand knowledge and resources to act against cyberbullying, which according to UNESCO statistics represents half of school bullying cases in Latin America.

Tools for understanding the agents involved (aggressor, victims and bystanders) are also shared.

4. Skills for peaceful living

More than a third of minors in Peru are at risk of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, according to a Ministry of Health and UNICEF report.

Changes in adolescence create insecurity and stress in adolescents. This course will explore why they occur and how to properly deal with them.

5. Jump math method

Teachers will learn about a revolutionary system that is recognized internationally for its educational innovation. Jump Math creates a positive, intimate, authentic environment for teaching and learning mathematics to introduce play as a driving force.

It also allows school students to acquire an adequate mathematical base to tackle critical and professional challenges.

6. Educate in the digital age

Topics will include the role of teachers in the digital age, the characteristics of today’s students, and the importance of developing spaces for developing technology that will contribute to the nation’s digital sector.

These topics will be addressed: the impact of the teaching profession and how beliefs are changing during teaching and learning in the digital age, the key characteristics of today’s students and how training and education models influence the teaching-learning process. .

7. Digital literacy

In order to understand the digital world, teachers will learn basic and theoretical-practical knowledge of basic computer concepts, which will allow creating and editing basic and interactive images, audio and videos.

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Published: 5/16/2023

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