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Recently, one of its anchors, Daniel Marquina, announced that the station would no longer exist and would be replaced. Radio Oasis offers rock in English and Spanish.

A serious blow to those who are rock fans in Spanish or who have already migrated to Spotify from other apps. It came in 2010 Radio Oasis, Station Peru The alternative appeared Radio la Ñ. Now, almost 14 years ago, The Rock and pop fans They no longer have a separate place to listen to their favorite songs of that genre. One of the announcers, Daniel Marquina, He surprised the public by saying that the station would be shut down.

Marquina announced the news during an interview Carlos Orozco for his YouTube project “Ouke”. The moment occurred when the host commented on the evolution of radio, and decided to indicate that his program would end, as well as the station: “Radio will disappear, it won't.”.

Which radio will replace Radio Oasis?

According to the announcer, the station will be replaced by Radio Bethel and become a religious radio station. Remember that it is a Christian media with one channel and several offices in Peru.

What is Bethel?

It is a television network that broadcasts religious and cultural programs aimed at promoting the Christian faith. Currently, it can only be seen on TV and YouTube, but soon its station: 100.1 FM, Bethel is characterized by offering its services 24 hours a day.

What is Bethel Church?

The movement was defined as Evangelical Christianity and was founded in 1919. Peru has several headquarters of the Bethel Church, which is visited by many believers.

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Since when does Radio Oasis stop working?

Daniel Marquina announced that the radio will only run until the end of January and that the new radio will be available from February 1. So, your program can be heard only till the last days of the month.

Photo from the production of Daniel Marquina's project at Oasis. (Photo: Spread)

When did Radio Oasis appear?

The station was launched in 2010 and its radio is 100.1 MHz in the FM band. The radio is characterized by offering music programs in English and Spanish and is owned by CRP Radios. When it appeared, it did so to replace Radio La Ñ.

What programs does Radio Oasis offer?

  • “Just for Today” with 'Uncle' Edu and 'Crazy' Wagner.
  • “The Rock & Pop Archives” with Gianni Chichisola.
  • “Bread With Butter” with Daniel Marquina.

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