Raymond Manco Club of America, Jackson TN Boom confirmed ‘Re’ contract and revealed when he will play in an important TST 7V7 tournament.

Raymond Manco is still active and has been announced by a club that has already announced when he will start competing in an important tournament.

Club of the United States Raymond Manco | It was Libero Mix who confirmed the deal

Raymond Manco is going to face an important challenge in America as the club Jackson TN boom It has been reported that the Peruvian will be included in the playing squad TST 7V7Football Championship 7 in which 1 million dollars will be in dispute.

So, this North American team revealed that one of its brand new additions is ‘Rei’, but it also gave away who will make up the team.

And other invited players Igor Resende, Julian Charris, Victor Reyes, Priamst Castro, Walter Smith, Carlos Leiva and Garrett BloomAthletes with a professional past.

But that won’t be all, then Jackson TN It made it known that there was going to be a boom Dempsey vs Xala FFF and Sneaky Fox FC In group G, the ‘death’ set is called.

Jackson TN Boom Raymond Manco confirmed the deal


At last it has been revealed that this competition TSN 7V7 It will be played from June 1, so the tournament it will be in has already been announced Raymond Manco with Jackson TN Boom.

  • Jackson TN Boom vs. Team Dempsey (June 1 – 12:15 p.m.)
  • Jala FFF vs Jackson TN Boom (1st June – 10:00pm)
  • Jackson TN Boom vs. Sneaky Fox FC (2nd June – 1:30pm)

Fixture D Jackson TN Boom

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