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A few minutes before eight o'clock in the morning on July 18, 1994, a terrorist attack rocked the compound of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) located in Buenos Aires. Eighty-five people lost their lives as a result of the attack, and to this day, almost three decades later, the mere mention of what happened continues to generate intense debate in that country. The aforementioned event acts as a kind of catalyst in the plotto be at peace”, the new thriller from director Sebastian Borenstein Just premiered on Netflix.

Based on the novel of the same title published in 2018 by author Martin Pintrup, “to be at peace” tells the story of Sergio Dayan (Joaquín Furriel), a businessman and father of a family, who cannot find a way out of the debt rope that seems to hang him. In Argentina in 1994, many things were different from today, except, obviously, the crisis.

Joaquín Furriel is Sergio Dayan in “Descansar en paz”.

/ Courtesy of Netflix / 2024

Feeling suffocated isn't just in your company. The same thing happens on the street when you try to pay with your card and it gets declined, in the middle of your family lunch and your brother-in-law demands that you give him “the money he gave”. For a business. What's more, Sergio has no peace at home: his daughter is called to school for hitting a classmate who says “her dad is a cheater.”

One of the first successes of Borenstein's thriller is to make clear the feeling of being 'trapped with no way out' that our protagonist faces. Furiel's performance—already well-regarded for his work in films like “El Patrón” or “El Hijo”—reveals the anxiety of facing a problem without any apparent solution. But Furriel is not alone. Because the best thing about this Netflix movie is the trident created by Griselda Siciliani and Gabriel Goetti.

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The first is Estela, a dentist who plays Sergio's wife and mother of the family, who evolves descriptively as the script changes. First, she is a somewhat materialistic woman, concerned with giving pleasure to her children. She then becomes an angry wife when she is exposed to the financial crisis she is facing at home. Finally, he adjusts to a new relationship with the least expected character, as his priority seems to be bringing peace to his home.

Argentine film and television icon known as Gabriel 'Puma' Goity (in the role of financier Hugo Brenner) alongside Furiel and Siciliani. We can list a long list of appearances about this actor, but the one that has caught the most attention in recent times – if we talk about streaming – is the role of 'villain' in Star Plus hit “The Manager”. An old doorman (Guillermo Francella) of a Buenos Aires building does everything imaginable to keep his job in the face of the onslaught of “modernity” represented by the aforementioned coyote.

Griselda Siciliani as Estella "to be at peace".  Cr.  Alan Roskey / Netflix ©2024

Griselda Siciliani as Estella in “Rest in Peace.” Cr. Alan Roskyn / Netflix ©2024

/ Alan Roskey/Netflix

Furriel exudes anxiety when faced with a crisis, Siciliani changes as the script progresses, and Goity only needs moments to imbue everything with realism. As the owner of a financial institution, he holds the protagonist of the film against the wall, and suddenly the attack that we have started occurs on this note. Here begins another film.

to be at peace1994 proposes an agreement with the reality that it can only work in its historical period. As a result of the attack on AMIA, Sergio decides to “disappear”. Maybe problems will stop haunting your home. So, as he flees — in a time when there are no smartphones, much less GPS — his character's events are dwindling. The reverse proportional trajectory occurs with Estela, who now takes control of the household.

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Here Siciliani's attributes come to light a little. Until it was time to meet Brenner. A bond that seems cold at first grows stronger as, thousands of miles away, Sergio does the unimaginable and surrounds himself with people he never thought he'd meet. The details here may be small because, of course, we're in a three-person movie. No secondary or extra (children, friends, family or lovers) has enough weight to steal some of the protagonists from the aforementioned trident.

The acting skills of Siciliani, Coitti and now to a lesser extent Furiel are joined by other elements that stand out in the film such as the nineties setting, more formal costumes, more 'tool' cars and locations with a more relaxed design. .

Gabriel 'Puma' is in Goity Pablo "to be at peace".  Cr.  Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix ©2024

Gabriel 'Puma' Goity is Pablo in “Rest in Peace”. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix ©2024

/ Courtesy of Netflix

When it comes time to talk about the weaknesses of this thriller, what stands out here is its script, where many things always seem to add up to 2+2. Because if someone who doesn't lose their memory is separated from their loved ones, the most logical thing is that they will remember them over time. It's not surprising that sometimes he tries to contact them, motivated by the possibility of a reunion or something to warn them.

to be at peace” plays with that possibility, and then we're back to the beginning. All together, but with Brenner in the middle. Debts and worries are completely forgotten. If the first two-thirds of the film was an ambitious thriller, now we see something like a sentimental/affective drama, driven more by the jealousy of a husband who loses his ex-wife.

Joaquín Furriel is Sergio "to be at peace".  Cr.  Alan Roskey / Netflix ©2024

Joaquín Furriel as Sergio in “Rest in Peace”. Cr. Alan Roskyn / Netflix ©2024

/ Alan Roskey/Netflix

As a genre, the thriller is not new to Argentine cinema. It's not even streaming. Just last year saw the release of “La Extortion,” starring Guillermo Francella as an experienced airline pilot who immerses himself in a sinister 'collaboration' with an international mafia to cover up the fact that he's traveling by changing his medical clearances. His wife (Carolina/Andrea Frigario) doesn't realize what's going on and blackmails him after the flight.

to be at peace” shares some strengths with “ Extortion ”. At least in its first episode, the new Netflix movie distills the general angst of intense moments. However, the Francella-starrer 2023 is certainly supported by a more solvent script than Borenstein's, which is satisfying to follow a path without any major surprises or shocks, even if it's more notable for its talented triad of protagonists.

to be at peace/netflix

Summary: A father with financial problems decides to take advantage of a coincidence and an unexpected situation to disappear off the map. After years away from his country and living under a false identity, a chance discovery awakens in him the temptation to discover what life has been like for his neighbors in his absence. Doubt becomes an obsession: can an entire life disappear and be completely forgotten? Can we start fresh without looking back?

Director: Sebastian Borenstein

list: Joaquin Furiel, Griselda Siciliani, Gabriel Goity, Lali Gonzalez


106 minutes

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