When the Reverend von Mises of the Austrian School (not the 9th of Holland) spoke on economics at the UBA

In June 1959 Ludwig von MisesLawyer, economist and one of the leading figures of the Austrian School of Economics, he continued six lectures at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, in a building located on the corner of Córdoba and June. It works till date.

Von Mises was invited to Argentina by a center or Think tank Libertarianism directed by Alberto Benacus Lynch (Father).

“He is a brilliant exponent of the principles on which every free society is based.”Benacus Lynch said through the presentation Clarion From June 2.

The story of how the von Mises arrived in Argentina began nearly twenty years ago. Ironically in the same faculty.

Politicians, bureaucrats and academics tell the story of economic life in Argentina. Mariano Arana.

There was a seminar at the Austrian School organized by Benacus Lynch, William Leslie Chapman, Carlos Luzetti and José Santos Colón (H.) – Alberto Benacus Lynch (H.), Benacus Lynch's son said several times -, and the four of them They found Gottfried Haberler's book on the first site of the authors Prosperity and depression, He explained Mises's theory of the economic cycle”.

According to Mariano Arana, economist and author of a recent fascinating story about the lives of economics graduates in Argentina (Politicians, Officials and Academics: University Training of Economists in Buenos Aires, editorial imago mundi), ten years before Benagus Lynch 'discovered' Gottfried, the first chairs of political economy at FCE UBA (there was no economics degree yet) at UBA, the school had a 'triumph of marginality'. Economic thought influencing Austrians through reading William Jevons, Karl Menger (father of Austrians), Leon Walras, Wilfredo Pareto, Alfred Marshall, Irving Fischer, Karl Cassel. The course was under the charge of Roch Kondra and his assistant. A young and orthodox Raúl Prebisch.

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The depression of the 1930s brought a crisis not only to countries but also to economics, as many of the principles of Menger, Pareto, Walras and Marshall became idealistic about the 'spirit of individual self-interest and profit'. not enough While explaining and reconciling the brutal blow capitalism suffers with the breakdown of the order that raised world well-being. All this would reset economic theory, but also the systematization of science, the role of economists and ergo, Degree teaching in economics in Argentina discussed within the FCE UBA during the Peronist government in the late 40s to mid 50s.

In the midst of these movements, Benex Lynch contacted entrepreneur and early founder Leonard Reed. Think tank Libertarian, proficient in von Mises' ideas. Benegas Lynch went there to invite him to UBA to approach him, then a professor at New York University. He arrived in 1959. Arana says the economics degree already existed. Chapman was the dean of the college.

Benegus Lynch Jr. once boasted that it was his father's plan “Bring liberal ideology back to Argentina, because the country has been an intellectual wasteland since Alberti.”. And Mies' wife Margit von Mises remembers “The country was ready to receive new ideas and my husband was ready to deliver them.”

First, many economists came to FCE UBA and the country during those years. And not everyone thinks alike: Friedrich Hayek, John Hicks, Oscar Lange, Wassily Leontief, Don Patinkin.

Mrs. Aula Magna spoke in English. As the room filled up, two adjacent rooms were opened, where translation was in Spanish. In the end, Oliveira said that he “humbly did not claim that von Mises” was the only author of the publication that legitimized his hypothesis. There is no tight equilibrium because there is no free movement of factors at all times and places.. And those differential equations allow us to find the equilibrium in any way. This is what La Prenza said.

According to Benex Lynch Jr., “Von Mises was not satisfied with the UBA professors.” Many referred to the “Austrians” with particular “scorn”.

President Javier Milei said the other day I always joke that if you go to FCE UBA and ask who Ludwig von Mises is, they will say him. 9th of Holland For others he is the greatest economist of all time, along with Murray Rothbard.”. Today at UBA, 100 years after Menger taught, Austrian Economics is a course. It is indeed worth distinguishing Van Mises from Holland's former 9th player Van Basten: Van Mises came to UBA.

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