Romina Isasi: “Data and Technology Changed Marketing Forever”

How is MasterCard’s customer relationship? How will they respond to your needs? Are they different in each country?
As a technology company that goes beyond cards, our customers are not just consumers, but businesses as well. In this sense, we work closely to meet their needs, support them in identifying opportunities, and provide them with tools to help grow or protect their businesses, from consulting services to cyber security solutions. Each market has its peculiarities, but all have one thing in common and that is the constant evolution and demand of consumers. The challenge for us is how to keep up with them in an appropriate manner without losing touch. At Mastercard, for a number of years we’ve been using a multisensory strategy that seeks to connect with people through the five senses. We created our logo in the spirit of vision; Then we entered the audio dimension, introducing our sound identity that strengthens security in our customers’ digital transactions, and we will launch in Peru and Chile. Touch card People with visual impairments can easily identify their card type through the slots system, making their payments more secure. We have also created different experiences of smell and taste in different activities. Similarly, we have ongoing initiatives that support diversity, inclusion, sustainability and financial education, building long-term relationships of trust with our clients.

The company sponsors sports such as women’s and men’s soccer. What deals do you have in Peru, Chile and Bolivia?
As MasterCard, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. That is why the extension of our contract with Conmebol Libertadores also included the Women’s Conmebol Libertadores. We also sponsor tournaments such as CONMEBOL Copa America Feminina and Masculina, UEFA Champions League, Latin Grammys and Rugby World Cup. For us, it is important to promote equal opportunities in sport, and women’s football in particular, at a crucial moment when it is growing in various areas. Our mission as a brand is to connect people with invaluable possibilities. In Peru, Chile and Bolivia, we carry out various campaigns and initiatives to bring these events closer to our customers, which will connect with different interests such as music, food or sports and reinforce the value of our products and services. For example, we’ve given fans the opportunity to take photos with the CONMEBOL Copa America Cup, experience the UEFA Champions League final in Europe, and enter the pitch to sing the national anthem with your son’s footballers. Others.

“At Mastercard, we use a multisensory strategy where we want to connect
With People Through the Five Senses”

The world of finance has been transformed by the use of new technologies. How do they work to meet the needs of different consumers?
MasterCard is a technology company in the global payments industry. Our solutions help individuals, businesses, financial/non-financial institutions and governments reach their full potential. We are constantly adding innovations and solutions to make consumers more inclusive in the digital economy, with safer, simpler, smarter and more accessible transactions. For example, according to MasterCard’s new Payments Index 2022 study, 86% of Latino consumers have used at least one emerging payment method in the past year. In Peru, 96% of consumers surveyed indicated that they are ready to use new methods such as biometrics and QR codes in addition to contactless payments within the next year. Last year we announced that we were working on a program called MasterCard Biometric Payments, which would allow payments with facial recognition and a smile, a secure way to verify identity and change passwords. The program was launched as a pilot in five supermarkets in Brazil, followed by pilot tests to be evaluated in different markets; But it’s a model of innovation that MasterCard continues to work on. I believe the key is to embrace technology and use it in the best possible way, not only to be more efficient in our business, but to use it purposefully to make a real impact on people’s lives.

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He has been in the marketing area of ​​Mastercard for almost twelve years. What marketing trends did you think and do that won’t prevail? What are the trends coming in 2022?
Undoubtedly, the introduction of data and technology has changed marketing forever. Brands today are leveraging these data and digital platforms to improve and strengthen customer loyalty and personalization. Customer journey and eliminate friction at each stage. We leverage artificial intelligence and various technologies to deliver greater value, meet our customers’ needs faster and more efficiently, and ensure a seamless omnichannel experience. MasterCard offers a number of services and solutions to support these fronts. Now, don’tAs marketers we are privileged to understand our customers very well, so beyond any evolution, we must always be people-centric and connect with them in a transparent way. Adaptive intelligence and creativity are the basic elements to apply to any new technology offered. Finally, inclusion and sustainability are pillars that should be part of our strategies. Brands must not only join the conversation, but also take action, leading by example with internal and external initiatives. Mastercard has a magic Make our profession better by doing good for society. By focusing on sustainable business practices, brands can become more relevant and profitable, fueling their growth.

“Adaptive intelligence and creativity are fundamental elements
To apply in any new technology offered”

Are there certain pillars on which a leader should be based to lead a work group?
The business landscape is constantly changing, and that’s what makes us mental structure And our skills are constantly growing. For me adaptive intelligence and emotional intelligence are the two most important pillars to grow and develop as a leader in the team. In times of uncertainty, we need to have clarity about the big picture, the ability to listen to different points of view, and the ability to always work. Trustworthiness and humility to your team, your clients and yourself. You have to give that motivation and confidence to the team so that they can win over you.

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A few months ago, he added the director of marketing for Peru and Bolivia, and until this summer he was the director of Chile, where he was at Mattercard. He has worked for the company for almost twelve years and has a degree in advertising from the Peruvian Institute of Publicity.

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