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Russia announced a ban on banana imports from EcuadorA few weeks after the declaration of Quito The idea of ​​sending old Soviet weapons to the United States They should be sent to Ukraine.

Rosselkhoznadzor, the Russian veterinary and botanical monitoring service, said in a statement that it had “suspended” the accreditation of five Ecuadorian exporters since “February 5”.

WATCH: Ecuador, Russia Tension over Soviet-era Weapons Supply to US

The company argues this decision is due to the detection of a destructive pest.

According to Russian media, Nine out of ten bananas are imported into Russia Ecuador.

The Phytosanitary Service also applied the same dose to some flowers “from February 9”. Ecuador Imported Russia.

These control measures occur after the President of Ecuador. Daniel NobowaIt will be announced on January 10 The United States accepted the offer to exchange old Soviet military equipment for new generation American weapons Estimated to be around 200 million dollars.

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Washington explained that weapons exchanged with Ecuador would be sent to Ukraine to support its troops on the front line against Russia.

The bilateral agreement drew the ire of Moscow.

“Such a decision Irresponsible “It was taken by the Ecuadorian side under strong pressure from foreign interested parties,” Maria Zaharova, a spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, condemned last week.

The speaker also promised Ecuador It is contractually obliged to “not transfer (this equipment) to a third party without obtaining the agreement of the Russian side.”

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NoboaBorn in America, he defended the franchise a few days ago Ecuador These weapons must be replaced They are nothing but “rubbish”. And Quito promised to “maintain his treaty in all cases.”

He President of Ecuador He spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart in December 2023. Volodymyr ZelenskyDuring the inauguration of the Argentine President Javier Miley In Buenos Aires.

Since the beginning of its operation in Ukraine nearly two years ago, Moscow has sought to strengthen its economic and diplomatic ties with southern countries, particularly Latin American and African countries, while trying to avoid Western sanctions.

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