They have partnered with leading brands to create a high-tech model industry

The Indecar Group, which includes agricultural machinery brand Indecar, agricultural input marketer Biofertil and Aceitera Areco, Close strategic alliances with two of the country's top seeds: Stein y Bioceres.

As a result, both will be in this ambitious private project, based on similar initiatives in the US and Europe, but until now without precedent in the country.

basically It has a sampling area of ​​40 hectares Permanently open to the public, the results of production are explored, tested and displayed with the most advanced technology on the market.

The goal is to contribute Interested producers can visit in person From the synthesis, genetics, inputs and results of professional management of sophisticated machines. The property chosen to implement this innovative project is a field located in Carmen de Areco, already planted and with crops in a surprising evolution.

As part of the mutual cooperation, Inteka GroupThrough his company Biofertil, he propagates and markets Stine seeds; At the same time, with Aceitera Areco, it does the same with Bioceres seeds.

“This type of strategic alliances greatly encourages us, because it allows us to strengthen our relationship with our customers, not only by providing the best machines for sowing and fertilizing, but also by bringing comprehensive high-tech solutions to increase their productivity through concrete tests. They can get in the field of results,” he said. Gaston RicardoChairman of Intecar Group.

Stine is an American family business that has become the world's No. 1 private seed company specializing in soybeans and corn. Bioceres is a company formed by leading Argentine producers offering revolutionary genetics in wheat, soybeans and vetch. All these genetics are sown in the field of experimental agro-technology with air drill pneumatic seeds and fertilized with Intecar fertilizers, in all cases, equipped with precision farming equipment and varying sizes.

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“Manufacturers are going Achievable performance potential can be seen here Excellent genetics combined with the attitudes achieved by the Indecar engine. There is no better way than to show this openly and permanently in the field. That's why we've come up with this idea, and we're proud that Stine and Biocers have done so as well,” Riccardo concluded.

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