Russia: Dmitry Medvedev proposes to include Ukraine in his peace plan

Dmitry Medvedev The “Peace Formula” was proposed of The KremlinIt asks for recognition Ukraine Its defeat in the conflict and the establishment of a “provisional parliament” in the country.

Dmitry MedvedevDeputy Chairman and Forerunner of the Russian Security Council Vladimir Putin The “Peace Formula” proposed by the President was presented The Kremlin to end conflict with UkraineAmong other things, it demands annexation of Ukrainian territory to Russia.

In a detailed speech he shared via Telegram and later via X (formerly Twitter), the former Russian prime minister criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and said he “feels an overwhelming sense of disgust and shame” when talking about Q's “Peace Formula”.

“In times of war, even in very easy situations, peace can be achieved through the goodwill of the parties based on sensible compromise or through the decision of one party to the conflict,” he said.

The Russian official said the “old Ukraine” had no desire to engage in negotiations, so the “only way” was to propose an “orderly and more realistic” Russian peace formula. Thus, he listed the basics of his idea.

“The former Ukraine's recognition of military defeat in the conflict, Ukraine's total and unconditional surrender, represented by the neo-Nazi group in Kiev; demilitarization Ukraine Prohibiting the creation of military formations within its borders in the future”, was foremost among its points.

Establishment of “Provisional Parliament”.

henceforth, Bear Guardian The international community must recognize the current “Nazi character”. Zelensky's government and the “forced removal” of state institutions, as well as the loss of international legal personality Ukraine.

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“Resignation of all constitutional bodies of Ukraine Another demand of theirs is that elections should be held immediately for the provisional parliament of the Ukrainian territory.

As a fourth condition, the Russian president's ally demands the resignation of all constitutional bodies and the immediate holding of elections for the territory's provisional parliament “under the auspices of the United Nations.”

Also, plans must be approved to begin the process of compensating Russian regions for damage caused during the conflict, as well as injured citizens and relatives of dead Russians.

Finally, the Provisional Parliament of Ukraine “All its territories should be recognized as the territory of the country Russian Federation“And continued adoption of an act of unification of Ukrainian territory, ending with the self-dissolution and recognition of this authority. him Integration process.

“This may be a soft peace formula for Russia. It is a compromise position, isn't it? “By following this same formula, I believe we can reach a compassionate consensus with the international community, including the Anglo-Saxon world, and produce mutual understanding with our closest friends, the Western partners. Summits can be held,” he pointed out. Medvedev.

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