Three criminals were arrested after an interesting police chase through the streets of Lima and Gallo

Los Suspects They were arrested after crashing their vehicles to escape. Los intervenedThey were seriously injured and taken to hospital Sabogal Hospital.

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According to police sources, the three involved have previous records. | Source: RPP / Eduardo Vargas

Agents National Police They caught three this morning Accused criminalsAfter an impressive Harassment through the streets Lima Y Callo.

It all started United Nations AvenueIt contains Lima ValleyPolice officers conducted an ID check after finding several suspicious persons inside the three vehicles.

Los SuspectsNot following the instructions, they fled and a chase ensued.

At the height of block 15 United Nations AvenueA fleeing car crashed into a parked vehicle on a public road.

At the scene, they intervened Omar Elias Guillen DiazAccording to police sources consulted by , he was in possession of firearms and drug paraphernalia RPP.

More arrests

The Harassment continued until Prussian urbanizationIn Salako district Beautiful view; Another suspicious car crashed into a pole. Two suspects were arrested at the scene.

Also, inside the vehicle, police officers A Pineapple type grenade.

Unfortunately, the third car, with at least four suspects, managed to flee; But now the authorities are actively looking for them.

Los Criminals intervened They were injured and admitted to the hospital. Sabogal Hospital.

According to police sources, they will be involved in this Different illegal, did not rule out that they were part of a criminal gang. However, this will be decided only after the relevant investigations.

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