S/200 million master plan to develop the University of Lima and its campus | Education | Graduate | Career | | economy

S/200 million master plan to develop the University of Lima and its campus |  Education |  Graduate |  Career |  |  economy

According to the director, the university A Infrastructure Master Plan It has been in operation for eight years and will last for 20 to 25 years. “This was done with the help of Sasaki, an American company based in Boston, to figure out how we were going to grow and have a direction. Hence, it represents both the improvement of the present campus and the development of the future campus.”, advances Lizaraka.

In this sense, the Director of Administration and Finance highlights that in the remodeling of the current campus, the time of the epidemic was used to advance, for example, Construction of University Health Centre, a building for the exclusive use of students. Similarly, progress has been made in the implementation of another building with new classrooms and engineering labs.

Since the pandemic until now, approximately S/200 million has been invested”, Lizarraga notes that the university has about 70,000 square meters of land.

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to a new campus

Within the framework of the above infrastructure master plan, the University of Lima Already plan Construction of a new campus By the end of this or early next year. This is an area that will be annexed to the existing land, for which properties adjacent to the university were acquired. “The new premises will have approximately 30,000 additional square meters, bringing us to over 10 hectares.”, says the administrator.

Lizarraga notes This new academic headquarters will require an investment of S/ 200 million In the next two to three years. New places at the University of Lima will house not only undergraduate students (approximately 27,000) but also a dedicated building for 1,500 postgraduate students.

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It must be said that politics is not growing massively among university students. The new campus will house incoming students in subsequent years, as well as students who are still studying”, clarifies Lizárraga, who anticipates the inclusion of careers in the fields of engineering and technology with the aim of 2025 and that the growth of students will not exceed 10%.

Likewise, with regard to postgraduate studies, he comments thatThe goal by 2024 is to have three master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees in business in communication and political science, will be added to the five master’s degrees the university now offers. “With the new building, enrollment will increase, but not exceed the maximum limit of 2,000 students, the idea said.“, it is required.

Pension, Expenses and Education

According to the manager, they have between 2020 and 2023 Enrollment growth around 15%. Also, in terms of applications, there has been a 30% increase.

On the other hand, the manager points out that it was decided to provide financial facilities (discounts) to students during the pandemic.

In 2023, Lizarraga explains it Pensions have already returned to normal, albeit with an upward adjustment of 5% Due to economic inflation. At said university, they have Five Categories of Bachelor’s Pension

In case of graduate Each master’s degree lasts 18 months. The institute also has Ph.D. “Without a doubt, the competition is very strong, but we’re not doing badly.”


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