Salas stops beating around the bush and tells the truth after rumors about Miguel Trauco’s Alianza

Alianza Lima coach Miguel Trauco spoke at a conference about rumors linking him to the club and responded strongly. What did he expect?

Guillermo Salas made the first demand for Drago to come to Alianza Composition: Libero

Last Thursday, May 11, after Alianza Lima’s 2-0 victory over Cesar Vallejo, coach Guillermo Salas decided to speak to the press in a conference to talk about specific topics, one of which was the latest rumors about Miguel signing Draco for next season.

Although Alianza has Ricardo Lagos on the left wing, he is still not completely satisfied with his performances, especially in another level competition like the Copa Libertadores, so it would not be strange for the management. Looking for a more skilled and experienced left-back like Miguel ‘El Mago’ Drago.

But still Better than ‘Chicho’ Salas to clarify the truth behind this informationTrue to his style, he said clearly and emphatically that first he wants to look at extending his contract with his technical command until 2024, and then look at the players he plans to bring in.

“First the board will have to look at the coach’s update to see what happens next year, we don’t know anything yet. First things first, let’s finish the year well.”Salas held a conference for journalists entitled Trauco.

How long has Draco signed with the San Jose Earthquakes?

The 30-year-old winger has links to an MLS team Till December 31, 2023, according to Transfermarkt. As such, Matute could become a free agent if some final negotiations work out.

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